3 Cabernet Franc Wines To Try on Cabernet Franc Day and beyond

Cabernet Franc is one of my favorite grapes. I fell in love with this varietal in the northeast, growing, thriving, and producing unique expressions. Both the Finger Lakes AVA and Long Island AVA in New York are indeed a gem. I have also recently tried Cabernet Franc from Loire Valley; the French expression surprises me every time. Moreover, it is the first time I tried a Cabernet Franc from Michigan and wanted to include it here. Hence, after many explorations, I wanted to recommend 3 Cabernet Franc Wines to try today on Cabernet Franc Day or any upcoming holidays.

The grape: Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is often used as a base for a blend, but some wine regions prove that the grape stands well on its own. Cabernet Franc is a grape that generally produces dry and medium or full body wines. One flavor that’s characteristic of this grape will be the green pepper. It is not a well-known grape like Cabernet Sauvignon, but that should change. However, picking up green pepper sometimes is not a characteristic very well received by some wine critiques. I can say that winemaking is challenging with this grape, but once the winemaker gets it to a flavor profile that they know will be significant of their terroir and conditions it when the magic happens in our wine glass. Hence, let’s explore the 3 Cabernet Franc Wines To Try on Cabernet Franc Day and beyond that have amazed me recently with their flavor profile.

The three wines: Cabernet Franc from different regions

Hermann J. Weiner Cabernet Franc 2016 from Finger Lakes

Hermann J. Weiner is a winery in the Finger Lakes area, often recognized for its outstanding Rieslings. However, once you try their Cabernet Franc wines, you can’t get back but instead want to collect them and taste their new vintages as they release. Hermann J. Weiner Cabernet Franc 2016 has aromas of violets, black fruits, spices, and a hint of raspberry. The palate has black and red cherries upfront and red berries. It is a medium body wine with rounded tannins, mild acidity, and mineral qualities through the backside and finishes.

Tabor Hill Cabernet Franc 2020 from Michigan

Tabor Hill is located in the heart of Southwest Michigan wine country, just an hour and a half away from Chicago. It is a Historic, family-owned, and operated Winery & Restaurant Award-winning wines and upscale dining. I haven’t been there, so I took it when I was offered the opportunity to taste this wine. This Cabernet Franc is still young but very pleasant to discover. It is full of spices, bold tertiary flavors, good acidity, and round tannins. This wine is available to purchase here, and I recommend you buy it now and hold onto it to enjoy these holidays or even for years to come. I am glad I discovered Tabor Hill.

Domaine des Baumard Clos de la Folie 2018, Anjou, Loire Valley, France

I had the opportunity to join Loire Valley Wines during the late summer and had a great experience tasting different wines from the Valley. I discovered Cabernet Franc, and I was amazed to find my favorite grape’s most unique flavor profile. Lucky for me, I was gifted from a dear friend this excellent bottle of Cahors. Domaine des Baumard Clos de la Folie 2018 has aromas of blackberries and chalk and flavors of sage and blueberries. Domaine des Baumard Clos de la Folie 2018 is a beautiful expression with forceful character; it is delicious served slightly chilled.

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3 Cabernet Franc Wines To Try on Cabernet Franc Day and beyond
3 Cabernet Franc Wines To Try on Cabernet Franc Day and beyond

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