About – Wine Blogger and Content Creator

Who is ‘WineDivaa’?

Wine Writer, Wine Blogger, Content Creator, Sommelier in the works.

My name is Martha, but my best friends have been calling me WineDivaa since college. I am a Wine Educator with an Introductory Sommelier Level 1 and a background career in technology. With a passion for wine and digital ecosystem, it was naturally to become wine blogger, content creator and now and author.

About - Wine Blogger and Content Creator

I believe firmly that you never stop learning. Hence, I recently certified as a Sherry Wine Specialist and I also hold the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Level 2 with merit. I’m studying through the Wine Scholar Guild to become an Italian Wine Scholar. Moreover, and and above all the studies, I am a wine lover.

I am also the Founder of Latinas Wine Club Inc., a community and technological platform with wine education as corazon of our mission. We aim to Educate, Empower and Elevate Through Wine. This endeavor positions me as one of the few rising Latina Wine Educators in the Northeast.

Where am I located?

I live and write about wine from New York.

I am a New Yorker, born and raised in the northeast of Mexico.

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How did I get into wine?

Growing up in Mexico, wine was not a part of our table. There was beer or tequila but never wine. During college I studied in Madrid and Barcelona for a while, and reconnected with my Spanish roots.

That experience changed my life.

Therefore, I decided to learn more about wine. Everything started by reading the back labels, and as a millennial, I was effortlessly inclined to share my wine journey on Instagram.

Currently, I am focusing on tasting different wine regions, studying for my Sommelier exam, and polishing my writing skills by providing wine recommendations to my growing audience on the blog and Instagram.

Read my column, The Winelife, where I post about my wine experiences in New York.

Latina Wine Educator - About - Wine Blogger and Content Creator

How can we collaborate?

I enjoy telling stories of the people behind the wine. My unique perspective brings a diverse voice as a Latina Wine Educator and a Millennial consumer.

To request my marketing kit, please email winedivaa at gmail dot com or message me here. 

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