Who is ‘WineDivaa’?

My name is Martha, but my best friends have been calling me WineDivaa since college. I have always been attracted by the back-side wine labels looking for more information about the wine. I used to be the go-to person for all my friends when purchasing a wine for a special occasion. Therefore, I have transferred that passion to the digital world. Since a couple of years ago, I started blogging about wine. Besides the blog, you can find me on Instagram where I also share my wine journey and provide wine recommendations.

Nowadays, I write from New York about Wine, Food, Events, and Lifestyle-related topics. Although I have been in the technology arena since 11 years ago, I remember that originally after high school I wanted to study journalism. Actually during college, I was a radio host. Nowadays, I think of myself as a technologist and a content creator -slash- wine writer since I am in that convergence of technology, media, and wine.

Writing about wine from New York

I was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, but I consider myself a citizen of the World. I have lived in Mexico City, Monterrey, Madrid, Barcelona, Houston, and St Louis. Therefore, I have been influenced by different cultures. Currently, I live in New York. For these reasons, I consider myself bi-cultural and bilingual. 

When I lived in Spain to complete my professional studies and even develop the initial phase of my working career, I observed that Los españolitos drank wine like water. I couldn’t do that. Growing in Mexico, the wine was not a part of our table. There was beer or tequila but never wine. Therefore, I decided to learn more about wine and start reading back labels, and I got very intrigued to know about what was in the wine. 

Recently, I started learning about wines with formal education, but I have concluded that you never stop learning about wines. I am studying through the Wine Scholar Guild to become an Italian Wine Scholar. I have WSET 2 diploma with merit. The truth, and I repeat myself, is you never stop learning about wine. I just launched Latinas Wine Club Inc. a community and technological platform with wine education as corazon of the initiative where we want to Educate. Empower. Elevate. Through Wine. Learn more about Latinas Wine Club here.

If you are interested in partnering with me kindly send me a message here. 


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