Let’s learn about wine together! Hence, let me introduce myself. My friends call me WineDivaa.

Why I decided to write about wine?

My name is Martha and I am the Blogger behind WineDivaa and cover Wine, Food, Events and Lifestyle related topics.  I have a background in technology and project management and I am applying those skills to my wine passion. I was a radiohost once. I think I was a journalist in my other life.

I am a wine lover and want you to help you to learn about wine. I was living in Spain many years ago and they were drinking wine like water. Obviously, I couldn’t do that.  Therefore, I decided to  learn about wine. Since then, I started a wine learning path. However, I  have come to the conclusion that you never stop learning about wines.

Writing about wine from New York

I was born and rise in the north part of Mexico and currently I live in New York.  It’s been a long way since then. I have lived in Mexico City, Monterrey, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Houston and St Louis. (Meet me in St. Louis with Judy Garland remember? ). Therefore, growing up I was influenced by different cultures. For this reason, I consider myself bi-cultural and bilingual. I am self-studying at the Society of Wine Educators to  become a Certified Wine Specialist.  Now, is your turn, please let me know about  you and why you want to learn about wine. Kindly, leave me a message  HERE 


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