Let’s learn about wine together! Hence, let me introduce myself. My friends call me WineDivaa.

Why I decided to write about wine?

My name is Martha and I am the Blogger behind WineDivaa and cover Wine, Food, Events and Lifestyle related topics.  I have a background in technology and project management and I am applying those skills to my wine passion. I was a radiohost once. I think I was a journalist in my other life.

I am a wine lover and want you to help you to learn about wine. I was living in Spain many years ago and they were drinking wine like water. Obviously, I couldn’t do that.  Therefore, I decided to  learn about wine. Since then, I started a wine learning path. However, I  have come to the conclusion that you never stop learning about wines.

Writing about wine from New York

I was born and raised Monterrey, Mexico but I consider myself a citizen of the World. Currently, I live in New York. I have lived in Mexico City, Monterrey, Madrid, Barcelona, Houston and St Louis. Therefore, I have been influenced by different cultures. For this reason, I consider myself bi-cultural and bilingual. I am studying through the Society of Wine Educators to become a Certified Wine Specialist and through the Wine Scholar Guild to become an Italian Wine Scholar. I have WSET 2 diploma with merit. The true is you never stop learning about wine.

Now, is your turn, please let me know about you and why you want to learn about wine. Kindly, leave me a message HERE


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