Bodewell Wines

I want to introduce you to Bodewell wines.  One dollar from every bottle purchasae of Bodewell goes to support the charity Wine to Water as they help provide access to fresh drinking water for communities in need all around the world. There are three Bodewell wines.  Every bottle showcase a distinct terroir. Particularly, on the banner, it is  featured the Pinot Noir from Oregon but there are two more wines, a Rose wine from Mendocino and a Chardonnay from California as well.

Where to Buy?

They are currently available in New York at Frankies  in NJ, and CT and also online, check the availability of a store near your or buy online below:


Quiero introducirles los vinos de Bodewell. $1 de cada botella de Bodewell se destina a apoyar la organización benéfica ‘Wine to Water’que ayuda a brindar acceso a agua potable fresca para las comunidades necesitadas de todo el mundo. Sobre los vinos, son 3 y cada  botella muestra un terroir distinto. Particularmente,  en la imagien principal de banner de esta entrada se destaca ub Pinot Noir de Oregon. Pero tambien tienen un Rose de Pinot Noir y un Chardonnay de California.
Actualmente están disponibles en Nueva York en Frankies en NJ y CT y tambien en linea:

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