Mexican Wine Recommendations

Visiting Mexico? Get your Mexican wine bundle down there. Get your wines from Vinoteca México where they have great selection of Mexican wines. I shared  with you a little about the history of Mexican wine and now I want to share some recommendations of Mexican wines if you find yourself down there. As Mexican I love Mexican wines and love to share the passion behind Mexican winemaking. Anytime soon, I will be sharing  great quality Mexican wines available in the US hence stay tuned. You can also subscribe to the email list here and you will be notified once the post is published.

L.A. Cetto Nebbiolo

An affordable wine recommended for winos that are starting to try Mexican wine so they can have a feel of what a Mexican Nebbiolo taste like. Completely different from an Italian Nebbiolo. You can  enjoy this wine by itself or it can be paired with tenderloin, soft cheese or pasta with butter

Santo Tomás Tempranillo 2018

This wine compared to the Nebbiolo is a wine with more body and structure.  It has good fibrosity to pair meats

Carrodilla Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

This wine is much more structured and complex, ideal to pair with a T-Bone or Ribeye. Due to the proximity to the sea of ​​the vineyards, this wine gives us a mineral profile in the mouth

If you have any comments or recommendations of Mexican wine please leave a comment below.


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