Prosecco Superiore and Brie Cheese

Prosecco is one of my favorite sparkling wines. Hence, I am always adventurous when pairing snacks or meals with Prosecco. This time I decided to pair Prosecco with brie cheese to experiment. Brie is a French cheese, and Prosecco is an Italian wine. Many connoisseurs will think twice about this, but for me was a fun experiment that works on the palate.

The Wine Pairing

Brie Cheese Selection

According to britannica.com, Brie is a soft cow’s-milk cheese named after Brie, the French region from which it originated. I love the curiosity of brie cheese. Depending on the brand you get and how fresh it is, you will have the yummy-gummy commodity falling on every slice. If you are in New York, I recommend you to get your Brie from Trader Joe’s, they have great value, Brie, and it is so gooey. For me, the same rule applies when buying wine, get the product with the best quality/price availability.

Pick your Prosecco

We already know that there are different types of Prosecco. Prosecco DOCG and Prosecco DOC. I love both of them. Many people think this is a low Sparkling quality wine because it is made either in the tank method or Charmat Method, meaning it doesn’t ferment or age in the bottle. I will say think twice. There is still mastery to ferment in a tank and hand pick the grapes in Italy. Prosecco is an excellent aperitif. There is a certain Prosecco mood, and it has been my favorite Sparkling to welcome guests for two years.

Prosecco DOC has a lot of merits. Maybe you got to know the DOCG because you tried at DOC once. The DOC is mass-produced, but some companies have an excellent quality assessment that makes them one of the best in the world. Such is the case of the Bottega Gold portrayed. Bottega Gold is a Prosecco DOC perfect to enjoy as an aperitif or matched with cheese and charcuterie. Easy to enjoy and a crowd pleaser. Prosecco Superiore or Prosecco DOCG is an excellent quality Prosecco.

On the other hand, Prosecco DOCG has more body due to the region where it grows, the Veneto area’s hillsides, and grapes harvested by hand every year. Connoisseurs very much appreciate this. Coneggliano Valdobadiene Prosecco Superiore is my favorite DOCG. I will encourage you to try them both and make an educated comparison.

The type of Prosecco that I selected for this experiment was Prosecco Superiore. Prosecco Superiore is a very floral and elegant sparkling with medium acidity in most cases. Therefore the medium acidity on the palate works along with the curiosity of the cheese since it doesn’t have to cut over solid flavors.

Why do Prosecco Superiore and Brie Cheese work?

Even though Brie is a classic pairing with Vintage Champagne rather than Prosecco, I will invite you to try this pairing and decide. For me, it was a match made in heaven. The minerality on Prosecco Superiore cuts over the yummy gooey Brie. Add dried or fresh fruit; even honey will be a great appetizer. I like to serve it as a welcoming appetizer during the summer or as a dessert during winter.

Brie is a soft cow’s-milk cheese named after Brie, the French region from which it originated. Source brittanica.com

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