This new wine club from Walla Walla Valley is Irreverent !

For my earth loving, socially conscious wine lovers I have a new wine club recommendation. A revolutionary eco-friendly monthly wine subscription service wine in a pouch club called: Irreverent Wine Club.

Hear me when I say that this new monthly “Farm to Glass” sustainable wine subscription service is a great option for you earth loving wine lovers. Irreverent Wine Club. ships wine in a recyclable pouch. In this way they reduce the carbon footprint of wine by 80 percent. It still keeps great tasting wine fresh longer once opened, and surprises wine drinkers monthly with high quality handcrafted blends from sustainable vineyards.

Wine from a recyclable pouch?

Irreverent takes environmental impact seriously, while also obsessing to surprise members with great tasting exclusive wines every month. Irreverent Wine Club deliver everything from Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio to interesting Bordeaux, Rhone, Spanish and Italian inspired blends. Members never get the same wine twice. There’s always an element of delight and wonder, but without the waste generated with traditional bottles.

Every year 70 percent of wine bottles (3 billion bottles) end up in landfills because they are hard to recycle and there’s not enough demand for recycled glass,” said Chris Dukelow, former Seattle technology executive turned chief wine maker and founder at Irreverent. “Bottles don’t make wine taste better, so why are we using them other than those purchased for aging? By eliminating wine bottle production in favor of recyclable pouches and partnering directly with sustainable vineyards, we can reduce wine’s environmental impact while also keeping wines delicious for consumers.”

A great sustainable monthly wine subscription

With so many wine clubs and wine delivery services, there’s no shortage of options for wine lovers to consider. Irreverent distinguishes itself from the wine club landscape by first making high quality wine. The company partners with independent vineyards committed to Earth friendly farming practices in Washington and Oregon wine regions.

The wine is then shipped in recyclable pouches. These pouches keep oxygen sealed out and freshness sealed in for up to four weeks after opening. The pouches are also perfect for social gatherings, camping or other outdoor events.

How Membership Works

First, members sign up by selecting the types of wine they would like to receive monthly. Members can opt-in to receiving reds, whites, or blends. Wine quality is similar to what you would get in a $30 bottle of wine. Members pay between $39-49 monthly for 1.5 liter subscriptions and $49-$59 for 3 liter subscriptions. Additional pouches can also be
added easily to monthly deliveries that start at $39. The wine is then shipped in Members have flexibility to customize recurring monthly shipments for special occasions, including pouch size.

About Irreverent Wine

Born in the heart of the Walla Walla valley, Irreverent Wine Club is an eco-friendly monthly wine subscription service that delivers better wine, for a better world. Irreverent Wine is on a mission to change the way wine is packaged, shipped, sold, and enjoyed one-glass-at-a-time. Irreverent wine was founded by 30-year technology industry veteran Chris Dukelow.

In the U.S. alone, over 4 billion wine bottles are consumed annually and the manufacturing and transport of these bottles emits approximately 10 billion pounds of CO2-equivalent emissions. By partnering with independent and sustainable vineyards, putting great tasting wines in recyclable pouches, the company offers a unique “Farm to Glass” model.


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