Two Sherry Styles for the Holidays

Two Sherry Styles for the Holidays
Two Sherry Styles for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us. Wine is a must at our table to celebrate the gatherings and enjoy with or without food. I have been recommending pairing the wines for the season for a few years. This 2022 has been no exception. First, I recommended the 9 wines for the Holidays and briefly mentioned Sherry. Now, I want to dig deeper and recommend Two Sherry Styles for the Holidays.

Sherry differs depending on the producer and style, ensuring many options for even the pickiest of guests. The four main types to focus on are Manzanilla, Fino, Oloroso, and Cream Sherry. 

Sherry is very versatile, and you can pair it with cheeses and pies, but I want to recommend Two Sherry Styles for the Holidays and pairings with the main course.

Fino Sherry

For instance, I just fell in love with the structure of Fino Sherry. Fino Sherry is made of the Palomino grape and is a biologically-aged, dry, white wine. Fino Sherry has to be produced in Jerez de la Frontera and El Puerto de Santa María. The aging of Palomino grapes occurs under a layer of yeast called veil de flor, then stored in American oak butts using the traditional solera y criaderas system. 

Try: Valdespino Ynocente Palomino Fino Single Vineyard

Suggested pairing: This style of Sherry is known for complimenting most food pairings, thanks to its savory nature. Some stand-out food pairing for the holiday season is turkey, sweet potato, and gravy. 

Oloroso Sherry

For the foreplay, as an aperitif, or with some creamy dishes, try Oloroso Sherry. Oloroso is an oxidatively-aged, dry, white wine using the second pressing of Palomino grapes. This rich wine is made in Andalucia in Jerez, Spain. The term Oloroso means fragrant, promising a powerful nose. Some aromas and notes you can expect to notice are dried fruits, leather, and exotic spices. Although noted as a naturally dry fortified wine, there is naturally sweet Oloroso, usually vintage Sherry. 

Try: Bodegas Hidalgo Villapanés Oloroso Seco

Suggested pairing: Some stand-out food pairings for the holiday season include ham, mashed potatoes, and Brussels sprouts.

I invite you to Try Sherry this Season or any festive feast during the year!


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