Uncork your inner wine lover!!

Let’s learn about wine together:

Hello and Welcome to WineDivaa.com. This is a wine learning portal.

Let me guide you through the wine learning portal. First, if you want to know the basics go to WINE101.  Second, if you like learning with graphics check the INFOGRAPHICS. Last but not least, in the section of WINEREVIEWS I have collected some of the tasting notes of wines that I have tried, this list is growing everyday.

Serve, Observe, Smell, Swirl, Smell, Sip and Enjoy!

First, try to write everything  about the wine. Then slowly try to figure out what you like about the wine.  Is it the grape  that you like ? Or is it more the terroir or is it from a new wine region? . There are so many wine regions and wine grapes to explore. Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the wine.  Hence, you have to work on open up all your senses while wine tasting. Read my blog or recommend me something here.

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Uncork your inner wine lover -Descubre tu amor por el vino 2