Virgen Uco Valley-based Domaine Bousquet, Argentina’s largest exporter of organically grown wines

Do you care for sulfites?  Virgen Uco Valley-based Domaine Bousquet is the first Argentinean No-Sulfites Added Wine in the U.S.

Virgen Uco Valley-based Domaine Bousquet, Argentina's largest exporter of organically grown wines
Virgen Uco Valley-based Domaine Bousquet, Argentina’s largest exporter of organically grown wines

There needs to be more clarity around sulfites. Sulfites are necessary additives used in wine to prevent bacterial growth. However, just a tiny amount should be present in all wines, but most winemakers add some extra during production to avoid bacterial spoilage. Without the addition of SO2, wines can quickly develop funky “off” flavors. “Natural,” additive-free wines require extra care, with no room for a single mistake. The winemaking team must be very vigilant:

  • Keep the winery super-clean.
  • Store the wine at a cooler temperature post-fermentation.
  • Taste the wine weekly over an extended period to ensure nothing untoward occurs.

And finally, the fragile wine is swaddled in thermal blankets to keep it at a constant cool temperature during shipment to the U.S. It takes modern science and scientific rigor to make a “natural” wine!
Hence, when I read the label on Virgen by Domaine Busquets, the first Argentine no-sulfites-added USDA-organic-certified wines to launch in the U.S., I wondered how they did a wine with no added sulfites and transported it from the Uco Valley into the USA.

Meet Virgen Uco Valley-based Domaine Bousquet, Argentina’s largest exporter of organically grown wines.

The vineyards of Domaine Busquets are located in the Uco Valley, where all the grapes are hand-picked during the harvest. It is worth noting that Domaine Bousquet received the B Corp and Regenerative Organic Certification just recently.

The Domaine Bousquet team’s hard work and experimentation have yielded positive results. Their Virgen wines are certified as USDA Organic and have no added sulfites. These wines are named after the untouched land where the Bousquet family established their winery, highlighting their ongoing dedication to preserving and safeguarding the environment.

“We only tackled this project once we were confident that we could manage the challenges of making top-notch organic, no-sulfite-added wines. We also wanted to make sure that these wines remained true to our house style: elegant, with bright, clean, fruit flavors.”

– Domaine Bousquet co-owner Anne Bousquet.

Virgen Organic Chardonnay 2021

Virgen Organic Chardonnay

Not your typical Chardonnay! Virgen Organic Chardonnay from Uco Valley has a refreshing acidity, a full-bodied structure, and intense minerality.

Virgen Organic Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

Virgen Cabernet Sauvignon

Savor the essence of red grapes in Virgen Cabernet Sauvignon. A blend of organic raspberry and blackcurrant flavors with a hint of black pepper, no sulfites or oak added. A tribute to French and Argentine heritage. 

Virgen Organic Malbec 2021

Virgen Organic Malbec
Virgen Organic Malbec

Aromas of red fruit and delicious red and blackberry flavors on the palate, light body, and easy to drink even with a chill. Perfect for Late Summer patio gatherings.

More about Domaine Bousquet

Since 1997, Jean Bousquet has been growing his vineyards on untouched land in Alto Gualtallary, a subregion of Tupungato in Mendoza. From the start, he chose to farm organically due to the area’s dry climate, which reduces the risk of rot and other humidity-related diseases. Finding water beneath the sandy soil was challenging, but the Bousquet family persevered and dug down 495 feet to access it. The sandy soil also has the added benefit of being naturally phylloxera-free. The family affectionately refers to the sandy soil as “The Beach.”

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