wine101 in a nutshell by @winedivaa for #winelovers

I often get approached by questions like: how do I learn about wine? So here are a few tips to guide you to find your inner wine lover

    1. Drink Wine: To learn about wine you have to drink wine, in moderation of course.
    2. Swirl the wine : If possible, swirl the wine to open up the aromas of that wine. You will discover different aromas once you swirl compared to the first aromas that you get from the wine when it was first served. This is also often reference by sommeliers or other wine educators as: bouquet.
    3. Write your experience with the wine: Wine wake up senses and memories, so often some wines will remind you of a great or memorable occasions, write how does that wine makes you feel. Also write what do you smell on the wine, what do you taste on that wine.
    4. Start learning about grapes and regions: You would be interested in what type of grape is the one that your are trying, where is it growing? Start researching about different regions and also take into account that Geography of Wine is very important.
    5. Read about wines: I recommend you to get some books about wine, here are my suggestions:

Last, but not least you can always pursue formal education like WSET or CWS.

How To Learn About Wine


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