#WineBook review of ‘Wine All the Time: The Casual Guide to Confident Drinking’ by Marissa A. Ross

I enjoy reading even more than what I enjoy drinking wine. Particularly, there is some magic about the books I pick to read when I travel. I try to pick something that put me into traveling mood but also that keep me entirely entertain through the flight. Since I have started this wine-learning-path I was looking for basic wine books to read. Hence, my companions during the flight to London this past summer (the first stop before flying into Athens) , was Marissa A. Ross. book: ‘Wine All the Time: The Casual Guide to Confident Drinking’  and a small wine bottle of South African Chenin Blanc.

As she states , this is a very basic book. Is hilarious at some point and she does a great job mixing her great talents both wine and comedy writing. This will make a great Christmas gift for anyone interested in getting into the wine world in a funny and practical way.



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