Vegetarian Dishes & Wine Pairings

Pairing wine with new age diet plans might sound a bit challenging. For example, I follow a lacto-ova-pescatarian or a meat-less diet. When I mention this, people directly assume that I don’t drink red wine at all. As Lacto-Ovo-Pescatarian my diet allows me to pair cheese with wine which is still perfect. However, for other lactose-free diets, pairing red wine with foods could be a challenge. Usually, I pair vegetables and fruits with white wine or rose (of course) according to the norm. However, I still enjoy a glass of red with some vegetarian dishes.

In fact, I pick my wine according to the weather. First, I pair a red wine with a cold night and a white or a rose with a summer night. Second, I pair vegetable dishes cooked and heavily condiment with red wines while I usually pair raw or uncooked vegetables with wine or rose. I am a true advocate that you can still pair flavorful vegetarian dishes that resemble a meet plate with red wine. Please see below a few vegetarian &  wine pairing options:

‘Glazed Lentil Walnut Apple Loaf’ (a recipe from This recipe resembles a meatloaf, but instead of being prepared with ground meat is based on lentils. This meatless loaf you can actually pair it with a nice glass of Cabernet and it truly enhances the flavor.

‘Stuffed mushrooms’: You can pair portobello mushrooms topped with ricotta cheese or hummus with Merlot. The Merlot balances out the flavor of ricotta or hummus on the palate.

The key to creating flavorful vegetarian recipes with bold wines is to season your recipes with the same intensity you will season a meat plate.

If you follow a special kind of diet such as vegetarian, for example, you don’t only have to pair rose and white wine with vegetables, allow yourself to be a bit more creative. Try some of the pairings I’ve shared above. Perhaps this is a progressive view on wine pairings and sommeliers will disagree with my point of view.


How to pair Vegetarian Dishes and Wine Pairings


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