Rehydrate, Wine and Repeat

How do you cope with hangovers ? In particular I always try to enjoy wine in moderation. However, there are sometimes that I want to indulge a bit on special occasions. Also, as a winelover, I am invited to wine events and need to deal with dehydration sometimes. Hence, I have decided to try something in advance to prevent any signs of dehydration -rather than just drinking gatorade next day-.

Since I don’t like pills, and I prefer natural ingredients, I was happy to consider DrinkAde. DrinkAde is a tiny beverage full of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea extract and B vitamins. DrinkAde is also sugar free and gluten free.

Drinkade comes in two flavors limeade and berry. Berry flavor works as a ‘Boost’ for prevention and recovery, you can drink it before or after your special occasion. On the other hand, limeade flavor is only for prevention purposes. Particularly, I liked the limeade flavor better.

You can purchase DrinkAde at their website http://www.drinkade.com/ also on Amazon, and on many of your local grocery stores. I highly recommend you to have this product for your next special event and woke up headache free and well rested.

More information: http://www.drinkade.com/

This post is a collaboration with drinkade.


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