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Do you remember White Zinfandel ?

Fifteen  years ago, mom was enjoying and sharing White Zinfandel during family gatherings. White Zinfandel wasn’t named Rosé! According to  vintagerootsuk.com White Zinfandel is technically a rosé wine made from Zinfandel grapes, and is the single most popular type of rosé wine sold in the United States due to its low-acid, off-dry style.

Nowadays, Rosé is most enjoyed during the summer by millennials and all generations – at least in the US, according to Bloomberg-. However, I’m sure this is changing and we are also enjoying it more and more all throughout the year -and not only in the summer-. Hence, I have a  question for you:  Which is your favorite #WinterRosé?


We prefer high yet subtle tannins on Winter Rosé while in Summer we often prefer a balanced Rosé. For example a Pinot Noir Rosé have stone fruit flavors and even when is not very heavy on tannins, has a lot of structure and complexity that pairs with comfort food, Gruyere or Goat Cheese. Chambourcin Rosé as the one from Stone Hills Vineyards is also great to pair with comfort food and seafood. The Cabernet Sauvignon based Rosé such as the Mexican Wine Casa Madero 3V  is an elegant wine great for a special dinner night.

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Rosé all through the year?

On the other side, there are Rosé wines that you can drink all over the year. Particularly I like the blend of Cabernet Sauvignon with Tempranillo, like the one I found in Raimat . I first discovered this Rosé in the Hamptons actually on Rosé Day last year. I opened up another bottle recently paired it with some warm tapas  and tomato sauces  got and exquisite warm winter wine pairing.

Sparkling Wines and Rosé Bruts are without a doubt, wines that we love during all year. Pere Ventura Tresor Cava is very affordable and of great quality. Widely available in USA. Read more about it here.

Now is your turn, comment below I will be happy to know which is your favorite Winter Rosé?



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