8 Best Spring Wines for 2022

The world’s wine regions offer us a wide variety of wines to pair with Spring fare. Unfortunately, in 2022, there is still a ravage from the pandemic with variants in the air and a chaotic world. But wine is proof that good things are still happening. Hence, I have chosen the 8 best spring wines from three regions that I have recently experienced through the glass. These 8 wines and have impressed me with their aromas, flavors, and versatility for pairing.

Wines from Spain

Many things are happening in Spain regarding Wine. We, of course, love the traditional Rioja and Ribera del Duero, but there are many more emerging regions. Moreover, there is a movement of young winemakers trying to create new legacies. These young winemakers are incorporating new winemaking techniques. However, they strive to preserve their antecessors’ craftmanship.

Chivite ‘Finca Legardeta’ D.O. Navarra Chardonnay 2020

Chivite 'Finca Legardeta' Chardonnay 2020

I tried Chivite Finga Legardeta Chardonnay 2020 during Spain Great Match in November. I was very impressed with the stainless steel fermented wine from Navarra, Spain. Somehow, it reminded me of a new world Chardonnay but with Old World Tradition. It showcases lemon and white flowers’ aromas and ripe fruit on the palate. It is a light to medium body Chardonnay excellent to pair with salads and grilled vegetables.

According to Wine-Searcher, this wine has won many awards. The 2020 vintage was awarded Silver from the Mundus Vini.

Chivite ‘Finca Legardeta’ D.O. Navarra Syrah 2017

 Chivite Legardeta Finca de Villatuerta Syrah 2017 

I guess you never thought I would include a Syrah for Spring. But this Syrah 2017 produced by Bodegas Julián Chivite in DO Navarra is also fermented on stainless steel. Hence, is making an elegant varietal a unique expression of Spanish red wine.

The Syrah grapes were sourced from a single vineyard, Finca de Villatuerta. They were manually harvested at dusk, carefully selected, destemmed, and gently crushed. After a brief maceration, they were fermented in stainless steel tanks. 

After that, Chivite Legardeta Finca de Villatuerta Syrah 2017 was transferred into new French oak barrels. Therefore, was aged 12 months. This Syrah has a fruit-forward profile with accentuated red fruit notes on the palate and hints of spices. Pair this with Meat-based Latin Dishes such as beef stew, picadillo, or ropa vieja.

Wines from Italy

I love the Red Bold Wines of Italy and their Sparkling Wines. However, not very often have I recommended the other side of Italy. Hence, 8 Best Spring Wines for 2022 will not be completed without and the mineral-infused profile style coming from Italy. Hence, this time I have handpicked wines from Sicily and Lake Garda.

Donnafugata Sur Sur Grillo Sicilia DOC 2020

The elegant Sur Sur Grillo Sicilia is a quality wine. Sur Sur Grillo 2020 stands out from more specific qualities and enchants with the most delicate balance despite all dryness. Produced by the house of Donnafugata glides into the glass with a bright light yellow. The nose of this Donnafugata white wine reveals all kinds of tropical fruits. Aromas of pears, quinces, nectarines, mango, peaches, and papayas also present on the palate. In addition, it has a good length and minerality perfect to pair with salads or salty pastries.

Planeta La Segreta Nero d’Avola Sicilia DOC 2019

Made by the Planeta family, La Segreta takes its name from the woods surrounding our Ulmo vineyard in the hilly mountains of Sicily. This young fresh wine, principally produced from Nero d’Avola grapes, flagship of Sicilian Wine, gains its personality and style with the addition of some international grapes. The Planeta family has been involved with the course of agricultural evolution in the complex land of Sicily, with an approach always inclined to openness and innovation For five centuries and through seventeen generations. The family has established its estates in five different areas from west to east of the region, interpreting them through research into indigenous varieties and the suitability of the different terroirs to welcome international types.  

La Segreta is a versatile companion for daily drinking, suitable to pair with tomato-based kinds of pasta and pizza.

Valtenesi Rosé Garda DOC

Valtenesi Chiaretto has become a symbol for the whole territory of Valtenesi, the large hilly area west of Lake Garda. Floral, fruity, with bright acidity and minerality, is produced mainly from the Groppello grape. It is complimented by Marzemino, Barbera, and Sangiovese grapes.

There’s so much flexibility and adaptability in this wine. Valtenesi Rosé is a lovely wine to accompany meats and light vegetable-based dishes. 

To learn more about Garda’s Valtènesi appellation, please visit  https://www.consorziovaltenesi.it/en/

Wines from Austria

If you have heard anything about the Wine of Austria, you have already heard of the indigenous grape Grüner Veltliner. However, Wines of Austria has many native grapes such as RotgipflerRoter Veltliner, or even Frühroter Veltliner. These are just a selection of the unique varieties in Austria, and, of course, you can’t go wrong with BlaufränkischZweigelt, or Grüner either! Therefore, I had to go beyond the classic Austrian wine and surprise you with these additions to your Spring Wine List.

Tement Dudsteiermark 2020 Gelber Muskateller Sand & Schiefer 

The 2020 Gelbe Muskateller Sand & Schiefer by Armin Tement has a distinctive, fragrant-floral nose with aromas of white and yellow blossoms, ripe peaches, citrus, white flowers, and a hint of herbs. The floral and fruit aromas are also present on the palate with mild acidity very balanced.

The Sand & Slate comes from seven different sand and slate soils vineyards. The weather in 2020 made it an excellent vintage with ideal ripeness, a good yield, and an ideal balance with balanced fruit acidity. 

Pratsch 2017 Zweigelt 

 Zweigelt, with flavors of sour cherry, raspberry, cinnamon, violets, and pepper, has soft tannins and is the most widely planted red grape in Austria. It can taste similar to a spicy Beaujolais, a racy Pinot Noir, or an inky California Zinfandel.

Zweigelt is a hybrid grape created by researcher Frank Zweigelt in 1922 by crossing an Austrian grape called Blaufränkish, according to Vivino. This wine has a fruit-forward and spicy flavor from the Zweigelt, also providing a good amount of its acidity, blended with St. Laurent, which imparts bright cherry flavors and a smooth texture. Pair this with Lox on a bagel with cream cheese, perfect for brunch! 

Stadlmann Tagelsteiner Rieed Pfaffstattner Tagelsteiner Rotfipfler 2017 

Made from indigenous grape Rotgipfler, Stadlmann Tagelsteiner Rieed Pfaffstattner Tagelsteiner Rotfipfler 2017 is considered one of the better white wines from Austria.This wine has a medium body with floral and fruit basket flavors of Spring such as lemon, orange, mandarines with a hint of cream. Perfect to pair with a cheeseboard, figs, and other dried fruits.



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