Vegetarian Dishes and Wine Pairings

Pairing wine with new age diet plans might sound a bit challenging. For example, I follow a lacto-ova-pescatarian or a meat-less diet. When I mention this, people directly assume that I don’t drink red wine at all. As Lacto-Ovo-Pescatarian my diet allows me to pair cheese with wine which is still perfect. However, for other […]

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The best food and beverage virtual events for February 2021

February 11 Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Black Girls Wine Society and Latinas Wine Club #roséforbae Description: Rose is a “serious” category of wine that should be enjoyed all year round! Erlinda will teach us the history, winemaking process, and excitement surrounding this dynamic category of wine. Taste along as we feature roses from our Socio…

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The best food and beverage virtual events for January 2021

Happy New Year winelovers! I have been reflecting about the content that I share with you. I want to make it more about you less about me. I want to reasure you that I hear you! As I sat down to write my first post of 2021and we are still in lockdown, we want to socialize. Since I asked you in Instagram about what type of content are you interested . You screamed that you want to get to know more about Food and Beverage Virtual Events. Hence, I will be sharing a monthly blog post to incude the virtual food and beverage events available to you

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Holiday Sparkling Wine List! 2020

Even if we have to dress up to receive the new year our living room or if you want to receive the new year on your PJs do it with the sparkling wine on hand! I have amazing suggestions for you. They are widely available all through the US and some of them even Mexico…

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2020 has been the most challenging year. With limited gathering options the Holidays will also be challenging. We might not be able to visit so many friends and family but we can send gifts. We have to remember the spirit of holidays and continue the traditions that keep them alive. Gifting is without a doubt,…

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Author: Rishit Yadav The Beginning Winemaking techniques have been around in India since the 4th century BCE when the Persians introduced India to grape vines. Soon, it became common for people to have fermented grape beverages and the industry flourished in the British rule until Phylloxera almost wiped out the entire wine industry in the…

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Milano Wine Week 2020: a successful digital wine fair and connected through wine districts an international tastings.

Let’s talk about the change that many Wine Events had to face during this pandemic. A lot of events got canceled and even wine fairs and media events. However, some of us decided to pivot and turn into digital with creativity strategies to shake up the wine world. These digital endeavors demonstrate that the wine…

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