Long Island Wine Trails

You will be surprised to discover that in a two hour drive from New York City there are around 50 wineries.  There are two wine trails in Long Island. The same way that you find chic wine boutiques in Napa and in Sonoma you find more farm oriented wineries, and they are close to each other, is the way you can find the North Fork and The Hamptons Wine Trail.  Long Island has two AVA regions and they are located in two different forks. These forks are The Hamptons  AVA and The North Fork AVA, also known as NoFo.

The Hamptons AVA

This mainly covers Bridgehampton and Sagaponnack area wineries. If you drive towards Montauk you will find the wine trails in Long Island Hamptons AVA. Hamptons area wineries holds a special place in my heart. The firs time I visited Montauk, we stopped in two of their wineries and that was my first encounter with Long Island Wines. If you visit  you will definitely want to schedule a trip to Montauk and some of the nearby beaches. Since is pretty close to beach houses and public beach areas, this more like a beach-town experience wine-trail-vibe.


Located at Montauk Highway this is the first wine stop you should make on your way to Montauk. It gets crowded with groups but during the summer the patio and live music reserves a spot for anyone. They have also another location at NOFO. For more info check duckwalk.com


Has become very popular for their great wine, amazing tasting room and avant garde wine label design. They are the staple of the Hamptons AVA. I loved their famous Summer in a Bottle Rosé since the first sip. But since 2018 they have more than two types of Rosé, they even have Rosé magnums.  All their wines are of great quality. You have to make a reservation to get a tasting here. More info at wolffer.com


I’ve tried their Rosé from Merlot at a joint in Brooklyn and I got so curious about them. Finally, I had the chance to visit them recently and I was so impressed by their winemaking. They are hand-crafting a mall batch of Petillant Naturels they are making. More info at channingdaughters.com


North Fork AVA

Long Island’s North Fork, stretches 23 miles from Riverhead on  the one side.  Greenport, on the other side,  includes 39 wineries. I have not visit them all and as I visit them I will keep adding links to this blogpost.

Farm Stands are common to see around the North Fork AVA wine trail

The panorama of NoFo is completely different from the Montauk area wineries beach vibes. There are farms all over the trail with beautiful and tasty delicacies on their flowers and fruits stands. During the fall you could find also apple cider and delicious apple doughnuts in the same farm stands. You can also enjoy delicious homemade fruit pies.

Wine Tasting in NOFO

On the wineries, tasting fees range from $3 to $6 per wine tasting. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Most of them offer cheese and other delicacies, but do not expect a wine and cheese pairing yet. I will definitely recommend you to take a tour to visit more of them if you are visiting the area. If you live in New York visit them slowly. Each winery has a lot to offer and winemakers are usually available in the tasting rooms. Try to make a reservation whenever is possible so your experience can definitely be more rewarding. Here are some of the wineries I recommend you to visit and I hope that at some point and in subsequent posts I will tell you more about them.

Palmer Vineyards view from the Tasting Room Deck
Palmer Vineyards view from the Tasting Room Deck

Paumanok vineyards is one of my favorite wineries in Long Island. They are family friendly. Their wines are of great quality. Learn more about their amazing story here. I recommend you to do reservations in advance, they get busy during the weekends.

Pellegrini Vineyards is located at Cutchogue, NY. Enjoy their Gewurtruzaminer, Cab Franc, Cab Sauvignon and Rosé tasting for $14 at their beautiful tasting room. Definitely try their Gewurtruzaminer is a great expression of Long Island Gewurz. Their tasting room is often packed but you can enjoy tasting outside and like me walk the beautiful vineyards.

I hope you can get advantage of how close to the city you can find a diverse wine trail. I am going to leave you a map below about the wine trail, if you like it Pin it!

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Source: Long Island Wine Country book by Jane Taylor Starwood

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    April 8, 2019 / 9:01 pm

    This looks like so much fun, what was the best wine you tried?

    • winedivaa
      April 18, 2019 / 12:01 pm

      difficult to pick just one! The Pet Nats at Channing Daughter are delicious

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