Copa di Vino: The wine by the glass that even the french will like

I always appreciate good wine despite its packaging. The U.S. and specifically Oregon have been one of the leads on the use the alternative packaging such as cans, boxes, and of course, wine by the glass. For instance, Copa Di Vino is the leading producer of premium wine by the glass in the United States. Founder and owner James Martin discovered the concept on a bullet train adventure through the south of France. Therefore, a year later, he brought the technology to his hometown of The Dalles, Oregon, located in the majestic Columbia River Gorge. His passion for wine led to Copa Di Vino – wine in a glass – a ready-to-drink wine glass that could go anywhere without the need for a bottle, corkscrew, or glass. I am sure the French would like this excellent quality wine inspired by their revolutionary packaging idea.

Just open and enjoy! Wine is no longer trapped in the bottle!

Ergonomic Shape, Recyclable Material, and a Freshness Seal

Copa di Vino wines have consistently improved over ten years. They are light, elegant, and balanced; the wines emphasized subtle details.  Copa di Vino wines are from U.S. vineyards, including the Oregon winery of the year award. I recently tried their Merlot and enjoyed the Merlot fruit-forward characteristics. Copa Di Vino is easy to pack for picnics, hikes, and strolls in the park. Try Copa di Vino too for your next picnic or outdoor party. Order online at http://www.copadivino.com/

Copa’s unique containers have thoughtful features such as a Splash Cap that prevents spillage, Ergonomic Shape, Recyclable Material, and a Freshness Seal to keep the wine fresh for more than a year.

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