Bullipedia Wine Sapiens Launch in New York City

Juvey Camps Cava invited me to attend Bullipedia Wine Sapiens launch in New York City for the U.S. market. The event was held on May 4th, 2023, at Carnegie Hall in New York. The innovative culinary expert Ferran Adrià and Sommelier Ferran Centelles developed this highly anticipated release, which is now available in English.

Bullipedia Wine Sapiens complete book series (with funding from El Bulli Foundation) explores every facet of viticulture and wine production.

We had a fantastic time at Carnegie Hall, enjoying premium Cavas. The exclusive event began with a dynamic presentation and an interactive walk-around Juvé & Camps‘ tasting and light bites.

Who is Ferran Adrià and Ferran Centelles?

When I lived in Barcelona, I learned about Cava and “experiencias gastronómicas,” . Such concept is translated into American English as ‘fine dining’. However little did I know about its Catalonian origins. Living in Catalunya I certainly experienced the Catalan culture and how they infuse science with art and vice versa. However, I didn’t know who Ferran Adrià was then, and nothing about culinary personalities.

Ferran Adrià is a culinary trailblazer named one of the most influential people by Time magazine. You might know him in America from his collaboration with Chef Jose Andres, just like me. I came across his significant culinary experience in Chef Emeril Lagasse’s Amazon Prime Video show a few years ago. There is an episode where Chef Emeril visited ‘El Bulli’ alongside Chef Jose Andres. After El Bulli closed its doors in 2011, it has become more complex than just a restaurant that closed its doors. Since El Bublli was considered the ‘mecca’ of molecular gastronomy, all their recipes and extensive work documentation are considered art and will be available in El Bulli Museum. The Sapiens methodology, referring to Ferran Adrià and El Bulli Foundation train of thought, has evolved into an Encyclopedia of books that questions the status quo of many concepts in the culinary world, such as natural, organic, and many other concepts. 

What is Bullipedia Wine Sapiens, and what does it explore?

Bullipedia Wine Sapiens explores the most important topics related to wine and being a sommelier. For instance, Ferran Centelles, during his presentation, mentioned that they investigated the concept of Continental Climate, which doesn’t exist. For those who study wine through many wine schools of thought, Continental Climate is a common concept. Continental climate is where vines are not grown. However, according to Ferran Centelle’s investigation, affirms that such type of weather classification doesn’t exist. Still, we have become familiar with the concept of understanding wine regions. Another example will be the in-depth analysis of the Sommelier and their role that is not just a Beverage Director, for instance, but has to reunite more characteristics to be successful than those dictated by academies of Sommelier Studies. This series of books is revolutionary, questioning everything we know and coming up with new conclusions and concepts. Recently, Sommelier Pascaline Lepeltier stated that Bullipedia Wine Sapiens is currently one of the most influential books on wine, and I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment.

Bullipedia Wine Sapiens launch in New York City
Bullipedia Wine Sapiens launch in New York City

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