Elevate your Butter Board with Cakebread Merlot 2019

Butter boards are not new, but it is one of the latest food trends. Since the flavors and colors of fall are upon us, I tweaked the original to elevate the flavors and colors of an autumnal butter board. For instance, I used Irish Butter instead of French Butter because of its yellowish color and uber-rich flavor. In addition, I added some fresh cherry tomatoes, among other fresh ingredients, and since we celebrate Merlot Month, I paired it seamlessly with Cakebread Merlot 2019.


2 sticks of Irish Butter

1/2 cup of cherry tomatoes 

1/2 cup of mushroom 

1/4 cup of garlic 

Fresh Rosemary 

Variations: You can also add slices of red onion or olives 

How Do You Make a Butter Board?

1. Spread Irish Butter into a wooden board to create the foundation for this snack

2. On a frying pan, heat the garlic with a bit of butter, add the mushrooms, and sauté until brown. Put it aside and let it cool off.

3. Top the butter board with the mushrooms in the garlic

4. Spread the cherry tomatoes or any variation.

5. Serve with a warm baguette on the side

How do you elevate a Butter Board?

First, you need to use Irish Butter to elevate the butter board. Irish Butter has 82% butterfat, resulting in an uber-creamy, savory flavor. In addition, Irish butter is saltier than French Butter. On top of that, it is yellow due to the Beta carotene, a vibrant red-orange pigment abundant in many plants, flowers, and grass in Ireland. These unique characteristics of Irish butter will make it different from the traditional recipe.

Second, focus on having a medium-body wine with smooth tannins to cut through the bold flavors but still make it a pleasant experience on the palate. Since we are celebrating Merlot Month, I recommend pairing the autumnal Butter Board with Cakebread Merlot 2019, which has bursting flavors of black cherries, violets, and plum, a hint of spices, and lingering vanilla and tobacco. 

The Cakebreads show their commitment to quality through their years of family teamwork, their stewardship of the land, their care in growing and vinifying individual lots of grapes for each wine and their public programs for healthy living. The result is a world-class winery that crafts distinctive wines and welcomes dedicated visitors year after year.

Cakebread Merlot 2019 will enhance the autumnal experience on every bite of the autumnal butter board.

To celebrate Merlot Day, I invite you to get to know more about Cakebread Cellars. Even more, to get your Cakebread Merlot 2019 and to enjoy this savory pairing .

Elevate your Butter Board with Cakebread Merlot 2019

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