Experience the Essence of Santorini in a Glass

If you could travel to Greece and visit their wineries, please do. But in the meantime, you can Experience the Essence of Santorini in a Glass with vibrant, refreshing white wines that will transport you to this idyllic Mediterranean destination.

Santorini is renowned worldwide for its stunning scenery and wine tourism. Its vineyards are among the oldest in the world and have been continuously cultivated for over four centuries, making it a prime destination for winemaking enthusiasts. I visited a couple of times already so I can totally assure you that is an unforgettable experience. Santorini is situated in the south Aegean Sea, 70 miles north of Crete. The Island’s diverse terroirs, which result from its volcanic soils, seaside vineyards, and volcanic caldera, produce exceptional wines high in minerality and with a wide range of acidity, making them great to pair with summer fare.

On the Island, you can find a variety of wines and spirits, among them the highly esteemed PDO Santorini wines. These wines are crafted using the primary grape variety of PDO Santorini, Assyrtiko. I have known this grape for the longest, and I admire how they protect their vines on the volcanic Island. But, of course, Assyrtiko grows exceptionally well in the hot and dry climate of the region. The result is a wine with a rich minerality and refreshing acidity. In addition, two other indigenous varieties, Athiri and Aidani, may also be blended into the Assyrtiko wine.

Some examples of Santorini PDO to Experience the Essence of Santorini in a Glass that I can recommend you are:

Experience the Essence of Santorini in a Glass
Experience the Essence of Santorini in a Glass

Enjoy it at 10C with seafood, fish, shellfish, or even lamb.

Meet the short vines of Santorini.

How is it possible to grow grapes on a hot volcanic Island? Back then, the region’s viticultural methods set it apart from others by using the kouloura. 

Kouloura is a trellis system developed from pruning vines in the shape of a wreath to protect grape bunches from the winds. Santorini vineyards are located at elevated sea levels where the current is constant. Currently, Kouloura method is still used by some of the wineries that preserve traditional techniques. However, others only prune their vines to protect them at the short and same level.

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