How to ‘properly’ hold a wineglass?

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When I first started holding a wine glass I have to admit, I used to grab it from the chalice.  Moreover, I didn’t know it existed a ‘proper’ way to hold a wine glass. Learn from my experience: The correct way to drink a glass of wine is from the stem or foot but not from the chalice.

Holding a wine glass incorrectly might alter the temperature of the wine.

Did you know that already?

I didn’t know that the temperature of my fingers will afect the temperature of the wine. On this regard, and according to ViñaSomoza.com ,  holding a wine glass improperly can alter its temperature. If you do not hold a glass by the stem, especially if it is white, sparkling or rosé wines, since they are usually taken at a lower temperature than red ones. If the temperature of the wine varies, its characteristics will change, and therefore it modifies both its flavor and aroma.

If you are an authentic wine lover  you should always take  this suggestion into account.

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