Meet Laura Catena over her wine and her book.

Online platforms cultivate strong connections just as well as in-person. For example, yesterday, I had the pleasure to meet Laura Catena over her wine and her book. Laura Catena is the Managing Director and Catena Institute of Wine Founder and Board Member, as well as Fourth-Generation Vintner at Catena Zapata Winery. Nowadays, living in the virtual world with apps like zoom meetings sometimes is the only way to meet new people. In this regard, for Millenials and Gen Z, meeting virtually often feels like face-to-face. 

Meet Laura Catena over her wine and her book.
Screenshoot of Zoom Event with Laura Catena, February 2022- Smith Publicity

In a recent survey, 84% of Gen Z still prefer in-person communication over email or text. But, crucially, “Gen Z defines things like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams as being face-to-face.” Hence healthy and strong connections are made whether or not the conversations are happening in the same room. 

But let’s not deviate from the primary purpose of my tale, e-meeting Ms. Laura Catena. I mean, it was a pivotal moment for me. Catena Malbec was one of the first wines I had when I started my vino journey in New York back in 2018.

Laura Catena’s Wine

I had enjoyed subsequent vintages since 2015, and he’s always a balanced wine that you can pair with Latin food; a steak or barbecue is to drink with friends. So naturally, I was interested in how they achieved such quality. Hence, I was curious when I learned that Malbec Mon Amour’s book would be released y Laura Catena and Alejandro Vigil, winemaker of Catena Zapata.

Laura Catena’s Book

Laura Catena Book Malbec Mon Amour, is written very creatively, with letters between her and Alejandro Vigil. I already told you that Malbec Mon Amour is one of the books you must read in 2022. New York Times has reviewed the book and mentioned, “It offers general yet detailed information about winemaking and malbec history; describes grape cultivation, terroir and the effects of climate change; explains the specific characteristics of malbec and why it’s suited to conditions in Argentina, notably in the Cuyo region including Mendoza.”

Laura Catena has released other books previously. Check Laura Catena’s books here.

Laura Catena, an inspiring head winemaker and wine-woman

When I asked her during the zoom meeting if we in the USA would see more of the other side of Argentina, such as roses, whites, and sparkling, she was very insightful. Catena Zapata has a portfolio of Whites and other wines, but according to Laura, she is not sure if I’m ready to compete with the French market in the USA. So that for me was such a clarifying moment and understanding that she wants to put out only the best quality wine there, which is why Catena Malbec always delivers, year after year.

This year has started just with the right foot on Malbec insights. Laura Catena has brought a light to everyone that gets to know her. She is not only a great head winemaker. Laura Catena is also a great communicator, embodies the story of Malbec and Catena Zapata, and inspires women in wine. 


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