Milano Wine Week 2020: a successful digital wine fair and connected through wine districts an international tastings.

Let’s talk about the change that many Wine Events had to face during this pandemic. A lot of events got canceled and even wine fairs and media events. However, some of us decided to pivot and turn into digital with creativity strategies to shake up the wine world. These digital endeavors demonstrate that the wine community can be interconnected all through the world with the right digital setup.

 Such was the case of Federico Gordini, the young under-40 entrepreneur and visionary that created Milano Wine Week, a digital wine fair with blended scenarios mixing real life classes and wine tastings around the globe. Federico Gordini, is rewriting the wine business dynamics and communication, as well as being the event’s creator and president. “We have launched a working model at the service of Italy’s future, taking off from Milan. Hopefully, government institutions will take note”, says Gordoini.

Milano Wine Week 2020 lasted 9-days. The digital wine fair featured 120 physical events and almost 50 International Tastings in 7 foreign locations: New York, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Moscow. There were 300 physical events, totaling 10,000 active attendees over 9 days (October 3-11) in the two headquarters, not including all the attendees in the participating restaurants, venues, partner locations and “wine districts”. Moreover, a substantial online following, with 3,000 operators and buyers from all around the world connected live in streaming, adding up to an estimated overall 20% growth.

The New York Hub

I had the amazing opportunity to attend to one of this “wine hubs” in New York and I have to say it was amazing to get back into real life wine event. Of course, the things were different. We were separated by 6 feet distance and all the precautions necessary were taken by the staff of the Gatopardo II in their staple Manhattan location where the tasting and streaming of Milano Wine Week 2020 took place for the New York hub.

The next digital wine fair

Milano Wine Week changes the dynamics of the world of wine. I hope that other organizations take note and implement pivot strategies such as Gordini did. I am definitely looking forward to Milano Wine Week 2021. Actually, the fourth edition is already under construction, scheduled for October 2-10, 2021.

More information abut Milano Wine Week check: www.milanowineweek.com


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