My Rekindled Love for Lambrusco

My Rekindled Love for Lambrusco - Lini Lambrusco different Lambrusco Styles
Lini Lambrusco different Lambrusco Styles

My Rekindled Love for Lambrusco

When I had my first wine, it was an off-dry Lambrusco, which left an indelible mark on my taste buds. As I continued exploring the world of wine, I lost my appreciation for this particular wine. However, Lambrusco has its merit in my tasting journey as it was one of the first that sparked my interest in the world of wine. But now, as an Italian Wine Scholar student, I am rediscovering Lambrusco and studying a bit about the Emilia Romagna region, where its production excels.

The Lambrusco I discovered during my twenties was a fruit-forward, off-dry, dark-red wine with aromas of red berries and cherries, followed by a slight tongue fizz and a lively, acidic taste. It is meant to be drunk young and often, making it a perfect accompaniment for a light meal or a refreshing summer drink.

In my studies, I had overlooked some exciting characteristics of Lambrusco. Thanks to a fourth generation producer of Real Lambrusco, Lini Lambrusco, I have learned that it can display expressions such as Blanc de Noir and Rosé. Additionally, it can be aged before consumption in the Riserva style.

Note that I intentionally refrained from sharing any tasting notes so you can go ahead and try them and be amazed as I am. But I can assure you that I’ve recently had the pleasure of rediscovering the beauty of Lambrusco after years of attending wine tastings and training my palate to appreciate the elegance it can offer when made correctly on a dry yet juicy profile.

Lini Lambrusco sparked my curiosity and led me to learn more about the people who is around the craft such artisanal Frizzantes. It was then that I discovered a woman leading the efforts to rehabilitate the quality and reputation of Lambrusco: Alicia Lini.

Meet Alicia Lini

Alicia Lini is part of a long line of Italian winemakers. After studying entrepreneurial management in the UK, she returned to her family’s century-old wine and balsamic vinegar business in Reggio-Emilia. As Lini910’s international spokesperson, she’s worked for over a decade to rehabilitate Lambrusco’s reputation. Lambrusco is not always a mass-produced sweet sparkling beverage, according to Alicia. Mrs. Lini, has made her mission to educate people about her family’s traditional champagne method. Alicia believes authentic Lambrusco is an artisanal product that perfectly complements the region’s finest prosciutto, cheeses, pasta, and risotto dishes.

Lambrusco is, even so, good at Brunch. My friend Niels Bernstein suggested in an article for Wine Enthusiast to pair Lambrusco with your grilled cheese with scrambled eggs and ham.

The clock is ticking; go ahead and give Lambrusco a second chance.

In conclusion, I am grateful for rediscovering Lambrusco and the appreciation for wine that has rekindled me. This wine’s unique flavor and aroma have left an indelible mark on me. I look forward to exploring more wines from the Emilia Romagna region.

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