RGNY : The new winery in the North Fork

Welcome the Rivero Gonzalez winemakers family to the North Fork with their new winery and wine brand RGNY! 

We are still due to visit the new winery in the North Fork: RNGY . However, in WineDivaa.com we know the Rivero Gonzalez family wines from quite some time. They are originally fom the Parras Valley in the Northeast part of Mexico, were their first winery open up the doors in 1998. We are very fond of their Blanc de Noir and we are looking forward to visit them after the coronavirus-quarantine-stay-home time finishes, at their brand new home: the Long Island North Fork.

We were delighted to have had a virtual chat (hey fancy) with Maria Rivero CEO of RGNY that has been stablished in the former Martha Clara Vineyards venue at Riverhead, New York since 2018.

WineDivaa: Hello Maria, we are delighted to hear more from RGNY and the wines that you are crafting for us in the North Fork.
Maria Rivero: Thank you! I am happy to be able to tal a little about our passion and our business.

WineDivaa: Please tell us about What does RGNY stands for:
Maria Rivero: Rivero Gonzalez. Its the name of our winery in Parras (Valle de Parras, Mexico). Rivero is my fathers last name and Gonzalez is my mothers last name. This has been a family effort since day 1 and we wanted to put that forward in our brand.

WineDivaa: What type of grapes are RGNY growing in the North Fork?
Maria Rivero: We are still learning what the best varietals are for this region but definitely in the white categories more than the red. Sauvignong Blanc, Viognier, Chardonnay. Roses are amazing and potentially orange or other white skin fermented wines.

WineDivaa: Overall, the transition has been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Maria Rivero: Well its a compeltely different soil and climate so the wines are different and you have to adapt, learn fast and pivot. Then NY is huge and launching a brand is a little daunting. There are wines from all over the world, competition is fierce. Its not always easy to get people interested in a new wine brand.

WineDivaa: Do you have any other comments or projects along the way that want to share with us?
Maria Rivero: So many projects in our minds. We want to do more than sell wine. We want people to be able to enjoy the vineyard, to learn, to understand the beauty of treating the land and seeing things grow from it.

Contact Info:

Website: www.rgnywine.com
Phone: +1 (631) 298-0075
Email: info@rgnywine.com and maria@rgnywine.com
Instagram: @rgnywine
Facebook: rgnywine

Support RGNY

Amongst the Coronavirus Outbreak, we are supporting the small business efforts. Hence, get to know RGNY wines from the comfort of your couch by getting their survival kits we all need to stay quar-entertained. These packages are available here.

PSA Since we know their craft and quality,  we are automatically adding it to the Long Island Wineries must-visit list.

RGNY vineyards at Riverhead, New York

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