Spice things up this fall with wine and jewelry

After wine I like all things diva. Meaning I love to dress stylish outfits, interior design, organize mid size rendezvous and large wine events. Jewelry is an essential part of an stylish outfit. Recently, I have been collecting jewelry pieces and is like they tell the story of important moments. I recently read a motto that resonated with me” Jewelry is like a biography, it tells the story of your life” . This fall will not be an exception to spice up things with wine and jewelry.

Starlette Galleria Rings will never turn your skin green.

“Sorry, mask. I have a new favorite accessory.”

Recently, Beyonce joined his husband Jay Z, on the latest Tiffany campaign showcasing the Tiffany Diamond. The pictures were impressive and beautiful. They were also reminder that jewelry, even though is the best accessory for a woman, is an expensive hobby to have. Acquiring good quality jewelry can be as expensive or even more than betting for an old vintage of Opus One. In the look for good quality pieces, I have discovered the simulated diamond ring from Starlette Galleria and I take it anywhere. Starlette Galleria pieces are made of sterling silver and plated in real rhodium or gold. They are made of such quality materials so you never have to worry about your finger turning green or skin sensitivity.

Kids just started school today and summer is almost gone. Labor day is around the corners making the un-official beginning of the transition from summer to fall. So whether you’re buying just a light jacket or going all out to set this year’s fall fashion trends don’t forget the jewelry.

Starlette Galleria : Jewelry that don’t turn your skin green

Unlike your typical jewelry, Starlette Galleria’s accessories are made of high-quality hypoallergenic metals. These are the quality materials that will never cause skin irritation. Moreover, they will not turn your skin green.

You will be surprised to see that simulated diamonds are often more sparkly and shimmery than real diamonds. Olivia, the founder of Starlette Galleria says, “They look so real that no one will tell the difference!”

Spice up things this fall with wine and jewelry. Get yourself or your loved one a ring like mine that you can carry anywhere you go by clicking this link.

Starlette Galleria simulated diamond
The ring @starlettegalleria
The wine: Chardonnay

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