Tasting Luncheon with Vicky Gonzalez-Gordon

I recently met Vicky Gonzalez-Gordon, COO of Gonzalez Byass, over a tasting luncheon. We discussed sustainability as one of the company’s highest priorities. It is also remarkable how five generations of her family have cared for the planet. Moreover, the newest generations continue to build out for the future.

Gonzalez Byass, Fine wines and spirits from around the world. 

Gonzalez Byass is a family of producers and importers that expands through Austria, Chile, Spain, and, last but not least, my dearest Mexico. The first wine I tried from their portfolio was Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc. Since then, I have tried several vintages and continue to deliver excellent quality over value. You might recognize them from their historical Sherry line and iconic Tio Pepe. As a Sherry Wine Specialist, I have tried every single one. But Beronia is also exceptional for lovers of Verdejo and Spanish Bold and Medium-Bold Reds. Lastly, their Primus, the luxury line of their Chilean Wines, is also a gem.

Hence, during the wine tasting with Vicky Gonzalez-Gordon, I was already familiar with the wines, but since it was paired with vegan food, it was a new and exquisite experience. Planta Queen was the restaurant in the vibrant neighborhood of NoMad that provided Asian fusion food and ambiance to get the tasting going.

Vicky Gonzalez-Gordon : “Sustainability is the heart of Gonzalez Byass mission”

It was a delightful lunch with a few of other colleagues and with Vicky Gonzalez-Gordon to discuss Sustainability. For instance, we discussed how Bodegas Beronia is a natural energy winery. Moreover, it is committed to making fundamental changes to minimize environmental impact. Furthermore, they try implementing biodynamic and organic vineyards; some of their wineries are certified sustainable. Some of their wines are vegan and can be included in these menus.

On top of the fantastic pairings, I enjoyed the vibrant personality of Vicky Gonzalez-Gordon. I felt like she was a long-time friend that I had met already. The conversation flowed around wine, Sustainability, and my trips to Spain. The high note was sharing that special moment back in Madrid. I recall vividly seeing that iconic sign of Tio Pepe located in Puerta del Sol. Little did I know I would share that memory with one of the persons involved in keeping Tio Pepe true to their origins and respect for the environment.

Sherry and Cheese

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