Terranoble Dinner in New York

Last week, TerraNoble Wines hosted a tantalizing dinner, co-hosted by their Winemaker Marcelo Garcia, Regional Director Tomas Uribe, and Sommelier Marcelo Arriagada Chocair – recently deemed the Best Sommelier of Chile in 2021. Unfortunately, I could not join, and Since Carmenere has a momento, I asked my friend Constanza to join and write about her experience. Constanza Pinto, a wine lover and WSET 2 certified, joined this fantastic experience to rediscover Carmenere and the Terranoble Wines portfolio. Here is her chronicle about the Terranoble Dinner in New York.

By Constanza Pinto

“El vino se hace en el campo” 

Marcelo Garcia – Chief winemaker

TerraNoble is a Chilean vineyard founded in 1992 that initially specialized in Merlot. Carmenere was expected to be extinct in the country and was confused with Merlot for many years. However, a French ampelographer rediscovered it in Chile in 1993. Hence, Terranoble decided to start investing in this variety. The values that Terranoble embodies are honesty and respect for the ecosystem.

Tasting Notes

The first wine we tasted was a Carmenere Gran Reserva 2018 from the Maule Valley, paired with spicy sushi tuna. Tasting notes showed purple-red tones that offered a great fruit intensity on the nose, with predominant crisp black and red fruits. It felt long, juicy, and creamy on the palate with round tannins and a great body. It made a great harmony with the sushi rice and especially with the touch of spicy pepper.

The second wine was a Carignan 2018, one of my favorite varieties from the Maule Valley. The Carignan 2018 was paired with a Roman Parmigiano. The imposing nature of the cheese made a perfect match with the sharp and wild tannins of the wine.

After this, we went to the third wine, a Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 from Colchagua Valley. Again, I loved the mix between the greasy spring rolls. It makes the palate feel sharp and with a bit of tension.

The fourth and fifth wines, I would say, were my favorites. They presented two Carmenere from different locations but the same harvest. One was the CA1 Andes 2018 from the Andes foothills -clay soil- round tannins, and a lush fruit concentration on the palate. It was paired with a salty truffle cookie.

And the CA2 Costa 2018, an elegant and fruity Carmenere that offers a combination of red and black fruits with a freshness, tannins are big and round with a great structure. From granitic soil and the influence of the Pacific Ocean, paired with grilled octopus and sticky ribs, perfect for finding a balance through the tannins.

The last one was Lahuen 2019, the icon wine. It’s a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (86%), Carmenere (6%), Cabernet Franc (5%), and Malbec (3%). Such an outstanding quality. The deep color red feels elegant and fruity on the nose, with fresh and ripe red fruits, cassis, cherries, and some hints of mint—great texture on the palate.


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