This Is Why This Year Will Be The Year Of Fly With Wine.

Courtesy of Fabian Jauregi Fly with Wine Suitcase
Courtesy of Fabian Jauregi Fly with Wine Suitcase

Many of us have been very cautious about traveling during the pandemic. But, finally, it seems that we are heading towards better traveling and safer conditions. Hence, This Is Why This Year Will Be The Year Of Fly With Wine. We have become more particular about our preferences, so traveling with wine, beer, or ready-to-drink cocktails will be necessary. Perhaps our final destination will not have the wine or cocktails that we are looking for, or it can take some time to find the liquor store that satisfies our preferences. Hence, travel-ready to party with Fly With Wine.

Flying With Wine, The Struggle Was Real

When I traveled during pre-pandemic times, I used to travel with wine. Nowadays, that I am restarting my travels, I will definitely continue to travel with wine. However, the struggle was real. I was always having problems with packing the bottles and the clothes. Hence, I am not looking back since I discovered Fly With Wine. No more hassle, no more nervous thoughts of: I am not sure if the bottles will break and mess my clothes. This Suitcase is a Problem Solver For Traveling With Wine.

Fly With Wine Piccolo Carry-On Luggage

Fly With Wine Piccolo is my newest travel companion. It fits as a carry-on piece of luggage or a checked wine travel case to travel safely with up to five bottles of wine. It’s perfect for quick weekend getaways, visiting Wine Countries, or even the Duty-Free. It is TSA compliant and convenient to store in the luggage section or carry-on. No more struggle and no more: I should have brought the wine I wanted, simply pack it safe in Piccolo 5 Bottle Carry- on – Luggage and get the party started.


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