Tinned Fish and Rosé

Pairings that work: Tinned Fish and Rosé

We know tinned fish is everywhere (thanks, TikTok!). Yet, not all canned fish is equal, and neither is the Rosé. Hence I am bringing you a budget-friendly and delicious pairing that is not only trending but is fabulous for your diet. Pairing Rosé with tinned fish makes sense since the wine’s crisp and floral flavors perfectly accompany savory tinned fish, providing an effortless pairing for summer days. 

Fleurs de Prairie Rosé ($20.00) and Siesta Co. Sardines in Organic Olive OilFleurs de Prairie Rosé has delicate floral notes with hints of strawberry and rose petals. It pairs well with Siesta Co.’s flaky and flavorful sardines, creating a perfectly balanced flavor combo for any garden party.

Josh Cellars Rosé ($14.99) and Siesta Co. White Tuna in Organic Olive OilSiesta Co. offers a delicious Mediterranean-style tuna in a can that pairs perfectly with Josh Cellars Rosé, a versatile wine with stone fruit notes. 

These wines are widely available nationwide via Total Wine, Drizly, Instacart, Minibar, and more. 

Tinned Fish

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