Virtual Tasting with 7 Deadly Zins Winemaker Scot Dahlstrom

Whenever I come across to go beyond Sonoma and Napa Wines I’ll take it. That was the case on October 12 when I joined a Virtual Tasting with 7 Deadly Zins Winemaker Scot Dahlstrom. During the tasting, we had an opportunity to go over Lodi AVA, an Old Vine Zinfandel the newest released Cabernet Sauvignon and a Red Blend. Click on the circle below to get a peak of the virtual tasting.

Lodi California, an emerging wine region

Lodi is a wine country region quickly emerging as one of California’s most exciting wine destinations. It has a premium location great for growing bold varietals. On the one hand, is located  between the San Francisco Bay and the Sierra Nevada. On the other hand, Lodi AVA is well known for its old vine Zinfandel vineyards producing bold red wines. However, it was very interesting to learn more about how other red varietals are growing in the region such as Cabernet Sauvignon.

7 Deadly Zins Wines

Wines from 7 Deadly Zins are certified sustainable by the Lodi Rules Program. For instance, this a rigorous and comprehensive sustainable winegrowing program centered on grower farming practices. Moreover, is focused on benefit the environment, community and local economy. The name 7 Deadly Zins comes from the inspiration of the seven deadly sins. The first vintage featured seven Old Vine Zinfandels blended to create what is now the brand’s signature wine style. Furthermore, seven certified sustainable vineyards were chosen for the inaugural vintage in the Lodi AVA.

7 Deadly, best known for their popular Zinfandel. However, came to life to highlight and emphasize the historic wine region of Lodi. Therefore, 7 Deadly Zins is creating bold, big terroir driven wines that represent the rich Zinfandel roots of the region. The Virtual Tasting was was a great opportunity to go beyond Napa and Sonoma, and an opportunity to discover Lodi Cabernet and the 7 Deadly style.

Old Vine Zinfandel 2018

Zinfandel Old Vine is well known for being a bold wine. Today November 17 we are Celebrating National Zinfandel Day and I will be enjoying 7 Deadly Zins Old Vine Zinfandel 2018. On the bouquet, has aromas of red berries and jam followed by tertiary aromas such as leather, oak and spices. On the palate, has flavors of blackberries, currants and toffee with a long finish, with round tannins
and lots of structure.

(SRP $16) 

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7 Deadly Zins Winemaker Scot Dahlstrom
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