Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies and Winelovers!

2020 has been the most challenging year. With limited gathering options the Holidays will also be challenging. We might not be able to visit so many friends and family but we can send gifts. We have to remember the spirit of holidays and continue the traditions that keep them alive. Gifting is without a doubt, an essential part of Christmas. Gifting is a great way to say I care for you in a different way. Be thoughtful when gifting that wine lover in your life as he might already have that wine but might need something more creative to pair it with.

As a wine blogger, I come across so many great deals on wine and products related to wine or
that pair deliciously with wine. Hence, I am sharing with you the Christmas Gifts for Foodies and Winelovers. I have
handpicked each of them and have tried them all!. All of them are available online and I will definitely place an order ahead of time since this might be the year where record sales are placed
for online shopping due to the pandemic.

The Wine Gadget: WINEGRASP

Whether you’re relaxing on the patio, poolside, at an outdoor concert or sitting around a campfire, go hands-free and never spill your drink again with The WineGrasp.

This neat little gadget holds your drink and keeps your glass within reach. The WineGrasp has a clamping system and rubber grips that easily attach to a variety of outdoor chairs, tables, porch railings, pontoon boats, any surface up to one inch thick. It can hold stemmed wine, martini, margarita and champagne glasses so sit back and relax knowing The WineGrasp will keep your drink upright and prevent it from spilling.

Lightweight, portable and only $19.99 for a set of two

The Pasta Sauce: JAR GOODS

clean-label tomato sauces & pestos 

Founded by two sisters-in-law, we’re alumni of the Chobani Incubator, certified Women-Owned Jar Good is a fresh, new brand of clean-label tomato sauces & pestos made with vine- ripened tomatoes, pure olive oil, fresh onions, garlic and basil. See below some of my  favorite Jar Food sauces:

* Classic Spicy voted as “Best Spicy” by Men’s Health!

* Vegan Vodka Tomato Sauce made with coconut milk to make an indulgent,

plant-based, dairy free version of a classic vodka sauce.

*Classic Red Tomato Sauce which is thicker, richer, and more flavorful

than any other tomato sauce brand (yes, we said it!)

Because all the wine lovers we love to pair wine with pasta, these sauces can create tasty recipes they can whip up for the family

Storage for wine: WINEBOXES by WineDivaa

Christmas Gifts for Foodies and Winelovers has an exclusive item custom made and designed by myself. Present or store your wine in style with these personalized, wood containers! These containers are made of Maple wood specifically to keep the wine temperature and are great for a special gift. Choose between the light wood option or vintage style. They are Made in the USA!

Wine Boxes by WineDivaa are here !

A plant that last: SUCCULENTS BOX

Succulents Box is the perfect gift year-round not just for foodies and wine lovers but for any one! And these holiday deals make it even better. 

Take advantage of these deals:

  • Black Friday: 20% off all orders, plus a free gift with 12-month subscription (choose between a canvas tote bag, a tumbler or a pot for your new plant babies) 
  • Cyber Monday: 22% off all orders plus a free gift with 12-month subscription
  • Giving Tuesday (Dec 1): 5% of all orders on our website on Dec 1 will go to Habitat for Humanity.

Now available on Instagram Guides!

As Instagram recently launched “Guides” feature, I am now sharing this on the new format. Click on the image below for the link and make sure that you follow me on Instagram as I continue to add more items to the gift guide!


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