Wine Trends in 2023

From my little corner as a Latina, Woman and rising wine educator, I am sharing the Wine Trends in 2023.

I will always remember I started as a Wine blogger. Naturally, and as such, I am committed to reading the audience’s comments. Therefore I am constantly analyzing the interaction with the content I post. In addition, my analytical mind and artist’s soul incite me to produce a range of topics I am interested in with a unique spin. Wine lovers like me constantly look for people we trust, and we often engage on Social Media. So let’s dive into the topics I will be sharing the most on the blog and Instagram, that our Millennial audience is most interested in learning.

Quality Price Wines 

Perhaps the recession is upon us. Despite my great interest in immersing in fine wine, I have received great feedback when I share Quality Price Wines. Of course, millennials want quality, but we are also looking at the price point. In addition, the packaging is no longer relevant for our generation since we are looking for sustainable options. Hence, we could explore fine wine in a box.

Sherry everything

From Sherry Cocktails to Sherry’s historical facts and wine pairings, I will focus more on this fortified wine category. Sherry has lower alcohol than distillates, so make it an excellent replacement for cocktails, and I will dig into it.

Wine Cocktails

Wine Trends 2023 on WineDivaa.com will not be complete without Wine Cocktails. I have asked a few times on Instagram the preference for Wine Cocktails, and the answer is always a yes-yes! I might explore different wine cocktail recipes and be brave enough to experiment by creating new ones.

Exploring not well-known wine regions

I can’t have enough of my hype over Mexican Wines. Moreover, the reach and engagement are naturally boosted when I post about Mexican Wine. But the interest is not only when I post about Mexican Wine. Also when I share about Greek Wines, Austrian Wines, or any other lesser-known wine region. Hence, this year we will continue to explore lesser-known areas worldwide. In fact, we already started by sharing about the Wines of Georgia.

Experimenting with Out-Of-The-Box Wine Pairings

I get great reach and engagement whenever I post about a wine pairing. Therefore, this year I am committed to creating new recipes incorporating flavorful and wholesome ingredients with my classic Latin and Greek twists. In addition, I will continue my pescetarian diet but will expand the vegetarian side of it and focus on creating savory wine pairings. 


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