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You already know how I feel about canned wines . For those who don’t know yet, well I am an advocate for supporting wine in a can. Some might say it is a millennial preference, some others will not understand the purpose, and some others will simply don’t want to take a sip of wine in a can. I don’t know in which side you are and I will very much like to hear your opinion so please comment below.

But for those that are skeptical, I want to let you know that ButterNut wines have both Wines in a Can and Wines in a Bottle. Does the flavor change in either or? No, it did not. Does the acidity or the freshness?? No it did not change a all. Here is  review of some of their wines that are both available in can and in bottle:

  • Chardonnay: Aromas of peach, hazelnut and spiced candied apple breeze around the brim. Round, creamy notes of fig, butterscotch and sweet oak dance on the palate.
  • Rose: Tempranillo and Syrah blend with sweet scents of watermelon, citrus and pale florals fill the air. On the palate, an array of strawberry and grapefruit entwine to deliver a crisp, acidic finish.
  • Pinot Noir: Aromas of vanilla, cassis and menthol lift from the glass. On the palate, an array of red and dark berries are met with a medium-bodied, silky finish.

Try them now! They are available online:

 Use my code “WINEDIVAA” at checkout for free shipping off your order of $30 or more from this link: http://bit.ly/2QtMm7z

ButterNut Wines by WineDivaa

More about ButterNut Wines: https://bnawinegroup.com/brands/butternut/

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