Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with sweet treats and Wine!

We are half way through Hispanic Heritage Month ! Perhaps in Hispanic Heritage Month everyone thinks that you have to celebrate with a Margarita in hand and tacos. However, let’s change the perspective. I am bringing you alternative pairings for your zoom meetups that are on the sweet side. I am pairing some Hispanic traditional sweet flavors with Spanish and Latin American Wine. Check them out!

Churros and Sparkling!

As mexican I love Churros, it reminds me of my hometown and all those parties that we used to have. Hence, I was looking for Churros to be delivered at home however they will arrive very soft and not crunchy. I found out that San Diablo Artisan Churros Bake Churro Kit are now available for shipping nationwide.

San Diablo Artisan Churros are beloved by Utahns since 2016. Recently, entrepreneur Scott Porter developed the Take & Bake Churro Kit as a COVID-19 business pivot to bring the joy of “heaven sent, wicked good” gourmet filled churros safely into the home. What started as a way to satisfy the cravings of local churro fans, the overwhelming response prompted Porter to deliver churro happiness across the country.  They are super easy to make, I loved the packaging as well. Pair this with a Spanish Cava or a Brazilian Sparkling Wine. And yes you read good! The new wave of Latin American Sparkling Wines will be Brazilian.

Chocolate and Malbec? Yes please!

Chocolate is a typical flavor in Latin American cuisine either savory or sweet. I have to say that I love chocolate and I am always looking for healthy alternatives. Those that doesn’t contain lots of sugars or aditives. I have found these Addictive Wellness Raw Chocolate and I am delighted to share them with you in a figurative way of course, as if I had a box of this chocolate I will keep it for indulging myself of course.

Addictive Wellness Raw Chocolates are vegan and paleo friendly and gluten-free. They have added superfoods to each delicious chocolate bar. They are formulated with specially selected, pure and potent adaptogenic superherbs to create six distinctive functions: Tranquility, Energy, Beauty, Focus, Love & Recharge. For chocolate lovers who are health conscious and don’t want to give up their favorite treats, Addictive Wellness offers sweet, exquisite options to satisfy their cravings. Get them here.

I loved the messages on the packaging of these healthy chocolates.

Pair chocolates with an organic Malbec such as Domaine Bousquet and there you have the best of nature and the best for your sweet tooth!

Malbec is one of the typical grapes from Argentina as well as Torrontes! We are featuring all the wine pairings with Spanish and Latin american wines.

Mexican Nebbiolo and Chocolate Cake

Mexican Nebbiolo and Chocolate Cake is a match made in heaven. This CeAcatl Nebbiolo was harvested in 2017.
It was aged in neutral French barrels because the winemaker was trying to have the best expression of the fruit; this wine keeps changing in the bottle. It is available in the USA you can get it here.

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