Estate Argyros is one of the must visit Wineries in Santorini

Estate Argyros is one of the must visit wineries in Santorini

If you travel to Santorini, Greece, you should experience the wineries. When you arrive in Santorini, visit Estate Argyros, one of the must-visit wineries in Santorini. I couldn’t miss it on my first trip to this volcanic Island. Estate Argyros Winery offers a personalized tour through their recently renewed Estate. They are a fourth-generation winery, so definitely not the vibe you get from their contemporary wine-tasting room and customized tour service keep appearances from fooling you. They were founded in 1903. They carefully explained the Santorini winemaking process during the personalized wine tasting and tour. Our wine tour guide was very kind. She knew her hospitality by learning our names and guiding us at our tempo through the vineyards and winemaking rooms.

The Wine Tasting at Estate Argyros

The price of the wine tasting flight is 15 euros. During the wine tasting, we enjoyed  Three Asyritiko wines and the king of dessert wines for me: Vinstanto. I was amazed to discover Vinstanto for the first time in my life. Even though I have tried Assyrtiko in America, I have never had Assyritiko fermented in French oak barrels. However, such an experience changed when I first tried it in Estate Argyros. Assyrtiko is a versatile indigenous grape from Santorini that typically offers high minerality and acidity, similar to Sauvignon Blanc. Hence, this versatile grape can easily change its flavor profile depending on the winemaking techniques.

The first wine we tried during the tasting was a Santoririni 2017 100% Assyritiko. Since its ‘fermentation is done only in stainless steel vats, it provides a clean taste with a crispy and long aftertaste. The color was crystal yellow with aromas of citrus fruits, lemongrass, and stone flavors. On the palate, it had a medium body, white wine with medium acidity. If you ever come to an Assyrtiko like this, pair it with shellfish, fish, sushi, and vegetable dishes. 

The second one was a medium body Assyritiko with an exciting mix of fermentation ‘The 80% ferments separately in stainless steel vats, while the other 20% ferments and ages for six months in French oak barrels’. Here is where I insist the creativity of this winery is taking place. ‘The discrete touch of the wood highlights the earthy characteristics of the Assyrtiko grape. Yellow in color, with delicate aromas of citrus fruits and minerals. Full body, balanced acidity, and long aftertaste. Pair it with fatty fish, poultry, pork, and smoked cheeses.

The third one was my favorite and the one I brought to New York with me. They better described,’ An expression of our most excellent terroir is the Estate Argyros Oak Fermented, combining depth, finesse, and elegance with great minerality. With the addition of French oak, where the wine matures for six months, we have a golden yellow wine with nuts, honeycomb, butter, and vanilla flavors. Generous while breathing. Ideal with white and red meat, lamb stewed with lemon and herbs, and matured cheeses.  Ideal temperature at 10 – 12 °C. Age worthy for the next 10 – 12 years.

Last, we enjoyed the sublime dessert, Vinsanto, paired with decadent chocolate.

Santorini Wines are available in the USA?

Estate Argyros wines are available in the USA, but if you ever go to Santorini, please do yourself a favor and explore this traditional winery that is as modern and keeps evolving and getting better at offering great Santorini Wines to the world. 

For more tour and scheduling information check http://estateargyros.com/

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