Have you heard about Argentinean Cabernet Sauvignon?

Argentinean Cabernet Sauvignon exists! However, Argentina is renowned for its Malbec. I had an idea that Cabernet Sauvignon was grown in Argentina. For instance, I knew that it was blended with Malbec. I recently discovered that is growing beautifully and single vineyard Argentinean Cabernet Sauvignon is available in the US. This past October, I got invited to to explore Cabernet Sauvignon Wines of Argentina, with Winemaker Rodolfo ‘Opi’ Sadler from Mascota Vineyards, on Wednesday, October 6th, 2021 on a hybrid setting.

The Winemaker

Opi, as everyone calls him, decided to grow Argentinean Cabernet Sauvignon “the grape that stole his heart” in Valle de Uco, Argentina, a wine country that is well known for Malbec. I always enjoy getting to know the winemaker and this was certainly a great opportunity to prove that. The personality of Opi really trespassed the screen, he seems very genuine in love with Cabernet Sauvignon.

Rodolfo “Opi” Sadler comes from a wine making family. His memory of entering the cellar in his grandfather’s basement blends the sense of adventure with the warmth of family protection. He has an extensive portfolio over a Mascota Vineyards that beyond Argentinian Cabernet Sauvignon, includes a Malbec of course and a Blanc de Blancs.

Mascota Vineyards

Mascota Vineyards are located in one of the world’s most exciting wine regions to be developed in the last 20 years. High altitudes, dry weather, alluvial soil, thermal amplitude, and meltwater from the Andes Mountains combine to create unique mountain desert terroirs. Valle de Uco is a special place gives life to our Unanime wines, with ripe tannins, concentrated flavors and rich personality.

The Argentinean Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a grape that grows almost everywhere and is also thriving in Argentina. During the wine experience we tasted two different vintages of Argentinean Cabernet Sauvignon, Signature 2017 and Gran Vino Tino 2016. We finalized the hybrid experience with a bold Red Blend Magnanime 2013 and paired them with Empanadas!

These wines are very food friendly, have great acidity to enjoy with food, specially for the upcoming holidays. They are also in a great price point and are widely available through the US. All Opi’s wines are available in Total Wine.

Argentina offers a wine range of wine and I am happy to see more of the bold side and go beyond the Malbec. If you try these Cabernet Sauvignon, I hope you do too.

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