I do like Pina Coladas

I already told you my dad inspired me to travel more and get to know the world. Still, I haven’t spoken to you about my mom’s role in my life regarding lifestyle, vacationing, wine, spirits, and dining.
I guess I get the Diva attitude I have from my mom. Not in a presumption way but rather in the humble form of paying extreme attention to details, color palette, hosting, and enjoying Pina Coladas every time we want to inaugurate vacationing season.

I remember that my mom ordered a Pina Colada every time we were on vacation. As a little girl, I was curious to see that cute tall glass with an S shape, a tiny umbrella on top, or a lemon. It was always chilled, and that mellow yellow color made me curious. Of course, the extremists will say that you should not drink in front of kids. But, I grew up around people enjoying life, which means enjoying a cocktail or two in moderation. To tell you the truth, I saw excesses sometimes but yeah, mi Familia es Latina, not justification but merely the reality.

My mom always said that you have to learn to handle yourself with alcohol. So she wasn’t having drinks at home, only on special occasions. I remember vividly that she relied on her white Zinfandel from a Franzia box when we had family gatherings. But the lively memory of my mom’s vacation inauguration with Pina Coladas remains my favorite. I think that first sip tasted like a vacation!

Hence, I got that in my mind, and now I try to replicate that.

So whenever I start a vacation, I always get a Pina Colada that tastes like a vacation.

Pina Colada
The most recent Pina Colada I had in Riverhead New York

Of course, as a wine blogger and an avid traveler, I later try different local wines and spirits at the place I’m vacationing. Still, to this day, a Piña colada is a synonym for vacation, relaxation, and a new mood.

Since I have Pina Coladas during vacations, I rarely make a Pina Colada at home. Therefore, I am looking for a Pina Colada recipe, and next time I might get that recipe in the Cocktail section for you. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations? I read you in the comments.

Cheers – WineDivaa


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