Innovation in Languedoc: Domaines Paul Mas

Earth Day was founded to bring people together from different corners of the world and make awareness about climate change and sustainability practices. Nowadays, sustainability is more than a trend over Google, a common topic in the UN or a discussion over any dining table. As a wine blogger and now a woman in the wine industry, I have seen sustainability in winemaking becoming a part of the everyday conversation on our Wine Club over Instagram, Facebook, all over digital media. Moreover, it is a crucial topic for the millennial consumers who in the US, according to Wine Intelligence, are leading the growth of wine consumption.

Jean Claude Mas – a Changemaker.

Making sustainable changes in the vineyards is not a walk in the vineyard. It can take ten years to make enjoyable wine in a new organic vineyard. The challenge gets more complicated when large Domaine or Estates have a significant amount of acres in vines. Today I’m feeling inspired and hopeful that changemakers and visionaries lead the way towards sustainable winemaking practices. Such is the case of Jean-Claude Mas from Les Domaines Paul Mas in Languedoc, France. I had the chance to join him today in a virtual tasting, and he is in caps a CHANGEMAKER. Domaine Paul Mas named best European Winery of 2020 by Wine Enthusiast.

Domaines Paul Mas, organically farms around 650 acres of his 800acres, and 90% are cultivated sustainably. Jean-Claude Mas, founder and owner of Domaines Paul Mas, is making systematic efforts towards creating an integrated sustainability approach to be completed on the next 3 to 4 years. His approach to making systemic changes is visionary balancing production, his winemaking artistry and of course the high winds in Languedoc.

During the Tasting we enjoyed 3 Southern Rhone Blends of the brand Côté Mas on top of two Sparkling Wines that I have recommended you on the Holiday Sparkling Wine List and Spring Wine List.

Jean-Claude Mas refers to Languedoc soil as the “Palate of possibilities “ terroir, where he works with around 40 varieties. His vast experience and interest in still and sparkling winemaking are redefining Languedoc. He is a winemaker to watch even much more than his well-known winemaker neighbor. 

Let’s celebrate the efforts of those like Jean-Claude Mas who are not intimidating by the terroir or the competence or anything, even Provence. He still insists on making fundamental changes towards sustainable winemaking and organic farming present.

Languedoc terroir is a “Palate of possibilities” – Jean-Claude Mas

Côté Mas part of the Wine Portfolio of Domaines Paul Mas

Jean-Claude Mas has made a sustainable approach and a very modern proposal in their wine bottles. The 1 liter bottle of their brand Côté Mas is available for more than one of their wines instead of 750 mililiters in the US market. Which speaking of sustainability, is also a great benefit for mother earth and for us, less waste and more wine. Côté Mas Southern Rhone blends are imported into the US by Taub Family Selections.

More information on Les Domaines Paul Mas click here.


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