Jacob’s Pardon an American Whiskey from Taub Family with Legacy from Prohibition Era

Since Father’s Day is around the corner, I wanted to share Jacob’s Pardon an American Whiskey from Taub Family. It has a story full of legacy. Jacob’s Pardon is a good gift for a father that loves this distillate and the story behind the bottle.

I tried this Whiskey during a press event in the fall of 2021 in New York City. During the event, I got a sip of Jacob’s Pardon , and had the opportunity to learn about this legacy.

Taub Family Legacy from Prohibition Era to Wine Business

Nearly a century ago, Jacob and Abner Taub crafted and bottled their own Whiskey during Prohibition to support their family. Then one fateful winter night in 1929, their world crashed during a sting that would land the brothers behind bars.

The authorities caught wind of their operation and raided their whiskey plant on February 11, 1929. The brothers were charged with violating Section 88, Title 18 US Codes, transportation of whiskey barrels, and whiskey making. As a result, their spirits production abruptly ended.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued presidential pardons to the Taub brothers six years later. As a result, they were able to reignite their family business together with their brother Martin (Marc’s grandfather) and help launch Baltimore Club Whiskey. This set into motion a family tradition that has span generations and is the inspiration behind the name Jacob’s Pardon. This story was told to me by Jake Taub during the press event, and I felt that I needed to record the moment and save some snippets, and create a video to share this incredible legacy.

Jacob’s Pardon is an American Whiskey with Legacy

In October 2020, Marc D. Taub, working closely with his son, Jake. Toghether, they introduced Jacob’s Pardon, an American Whiskey. Henceforth, that marks the first time the Taub Family returns to their roots as rectifiers in the spirits business.

The Taub Family have succesful wine and spirits import businesses. They are succesfull and recognized for their quality imports from Palm Bay International and Taub Family Selections are in within their portafolio. They are also handcrafting wine at Taub Family Wines and Saracina Vineyards in California.

Marc and Jake represent the third and fourth generations of this family-owned enterprise. Respectively, and Jacob’s Pardon is an American Whiskey and a nod to Marc’s great uncles’ tradition of whiskey production. Recently, Marc joined forces with noted author and spirits authority F. Paul Pacult, who serves as Master Blender for the project.

Many years in the making, Jacob’s Pardon comes to fruition with the initial release of three limited production expressions. These are in major markets including New York, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Houston, Kentucky, Chicago, Dallas, and Las Vegas.

Jacob's Pardon an American Whiskey BANNER
Jacob’s Pardon an American Whiskey

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