Pisco Punch

Have you ever heard about Pisco Punch ? Let me tell you a story.

Since the pandemic started and we stopped hanging out at bars, I decided to discover new cocktails, made my syrups, and came across the fantastic world of mixology. I was skeptical about it, but once I tried to experiment, I needed the right tools and a lot of patience. A mixologist is an artist. I have so much respect for mixologists. Contrary to what many people think, becoming a skilled mixologist takes work. As I continue to experiment with spirits and wine mixology, I recently came across Lapostolle Pisco.

A long time ago, I had a Pisco Sour as a recommendation from one of my friends in the Vibrant Neighborhood of Queens. I wouldn’t say I liked the egg on it since I was a vegetarian. However, I understand it is needed to provide the typical consistency on the pico sour. So I am happy I came across a recipe for a Pisco cocktail that is much more on my preferred side of flavors, with a burst of citrus flavors and those chic Angostura bitters.

Lapostolle Pisco Punch

Lapostolle Pisco Punch
Lapostolle Pisco Punch


🔸2 oz Lapostolle Pisco @lapostollewines
🔸0.5 oz Simple Syrup
🔸3 oz Grapefruit Juice
🔸Angostura bitters
🔸Tonic Water


Mix Pisco, syrup and grape fruit juice in a glass with ice; top with tonic and add a few drops of angostura bitters garnish with a grape fruit twist. Enjoy!

Could this be the Year of the Pisco?


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