The Single Serve coffee that we didn’t know we needed

Living in New York City I used to commute every morning. While communiting I used to stop by my favorite barista to brew my coffee. Since the pandemic has forced us to work from home had me missing my coffee and juggling between million of things has left me with little or no time to work my espresso machine. I considered buying a separate coffee machine. I discovered Steeped Coffee and has been a game changer in my morning coffee routine and no coffee machine needed.

Brewed similar to tea, Steeped Coffee delivers a simple cup of barista-approved coffee in minutes. Each pack contains craft-roasted, freshly ground pre-portioned coffee that is triple nitro-sealed to guarantee the perfect cup every time. This is the single serve coffee that we didn’t know we needed : free of hazle, delicious and quick.

Steeped Coffee, is quickly becoming the new standard in single serve coffee. Steeped Coffee is the only fully compostable brewing method. Moreover, doesn’t require a machine, grinder, or specialty equipment to prepare premium coffee. This is the single coffe we didn’t know we needed. Needless to say, this might be the new standard. Steeped Cofee is perfect for when you are trying to have good quality coffee but there is little time. I will continue to enjoy the Iced Brew Coffee or the americano option. Steeped Coffee is very convenient, delicious and is fast delivered through Amazon Prime.

La Colombe collaboration

La Colombe & Steeped Coffee Companies recently joined Steeped Coffee. Through this partnership, La Colombe wants to to bring Signature Blends to Hospitality, Businesses & Consumers with its Single-Serve Eco Friendly Coffee. Moreover, this speaks of the quality of the packaging and of course the content.

“La Colombe is proud to partner with Steeped Coffee, an innovative company leading the industry in offering guilt-free packaging for single-serve consumers,”

Nico O’Connell, Vice President Sales and Wholesale, La Colombe Coffee Roasters.

O’Connell continues “I remember my first cup of Steeped Coffee that I brought with me on a business trip. In comparison to in-room coffee, my Steeped experiencewas a game-changer — smooth and perfectly well-balanced. The possibilities are endless.” This collaboration means great quality coffee available in seconds for more busy-bees!

More about Stepped Coffee

Steeped, Inc. based in Santa Cruz, California and is a Certified B Corp and Benefit Corporation. They are focused on every detail from farm-to-cup and beyond. The vision is to bring people the most convenient, quality, ethically sourced, and sustainably packaged products available. Steeped is the new standard in coffee helping to make quality coffee more accessible through its proprietary technology. On the other hand, the pioneers have created Steeped Brewing Method that is licensed to over 200 of the top specialty roasters around the globe. Steeped delivers 100% freshly roasted, precision ground, and nitro-sealed specialty coffee pre-portioned within Steeped Full Immersion Filters. Steeped Coffee is the simplest way to make a perfect cup of coffee by just adding water, with no machine needed. Welcome to Coffee Simplified.

Steeped Coffee is available on Amazon


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