Traveling to a Winery Post-Quarantine.

Traveling to a vineyard or exploring a new wine region is has changed significantly since the post-quarantine phase reopening -at least in New York-. Since coronavirus has not been erradicated, we still have to be careful and follow all the necessary measures to at least keep the spread at stake. As a loyal wine lover so far I have visited a couple of vineyards in Long Island Trail AVA wineries and traveled to Finger Lakes Wine Region once more but now post-quarantine to find out that, is true many things have changed.

According to the Intelligencer as of July 14, nine of New York’s 10 regions are in the fourth and theoretically final phase of a four-phase reopening process following the statewide coronavirus lockdown; New York City is the only region still in phase three. Yet seems like yesterday when we stayed home for more than 100 days with almost everything closed. Hence like me, there are many local turists that are taking the chance to explore the local tourism. I am taking this opportunity to revisit some of the state wine regions post-quarantine. So much have change since my last visit pre-quarantine. For instance we have to keep a mask in public or shared spaces and the same rule applies when visiting a winery as well as keep the social distance among others. Let me share with you some of the recommendations you should take if you want to embark in traveling to a winery post-quarantine.

How to visit a Winery Post-Quarantine?

  • Strongly encourage to make a reservation wherever is possible. Remember when we were doing winery hoping? Maybe that’s not possible anymore. When I visited Finger Lakes Wine Region we tried to do wine hoping and arrived to a winery at 4:45 pm and they were about to close. They said that we could’ve make a tasting but we had to leave at 5 pm. I am not the type of wine person that sips on a rush, hence we had to leave. You’re making the trip already and you are looking to have the best experience as possible. Definitely research the area, select the wineries you want to visit, make a schedule and try to stay on track of it.
  • Check their website and make the reservation. Lots of wineries have Instagram and Facebook accounts so research also there about the ambience. If you have questions call them, everything prior to tour trip. Ask how long you can stay and at what time they close.
  • Definitely bring a mask or two. Mine got dirty with some of the red wine as I left it on a table were there was a red wine spot. Fortunately I had more than one on hand.
  • Ask about food availability. You need some food when tasting wines. At least crackers. I have found that so many wineries have different rules. Some of them they encourage you to bring your own cheese and crackers, some of them they do not allow you to bring any food. Some others have food available in plastic containers. I encourage you also to ask.
  • Do not spit. I think this one is self explanatory.
  • Definitely kudos to all the winery personal . Be considerate about the winery staff. Recognize the value, continue to leave tips and appreciate all the effort. Lots of wine staff have to stay on the mask for all their shift.

Definetely plan your visit.

I think if I had to give you only one piece of advice will be this one as it includes all the other recommendations. Definetely plan your visit to a winery or wine region. In case you visit a winery region check the hotels safety measures. In regards of the wineries, definetely make reservations in advance. Appreciate the effort of all the people that continue to makes wine tourism a truly joyful experience.


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