Valle De Guadalupe

Valle de Guadalupe

I have already visited Mexican Wine Countries, such as Valle de Bernal in Queretaro and Valle de Parras in Coahuila. But nowadays, Valle de Guadalupe is one, if not the most important Mexican wine region, and the area is importing more wines.

The Baja Wine Route includes wineries in the Tanamá Valley, Las Palmas Valley, Calafia Valley, and Guadalupe Valley. Valle de Guadalupe is only a part of the Baja Wine Route since this one encompasses a stretch of the highway of more than 70 kilometers. From San Antonio de Las Minas to the vicinity of Tecate, plus roads and secondary roads that branch out into Valle de Guadalupe and other wine-producing communities.

I can’t emphasize enough that The Valle de Guadalupe is the most extensive wine region on the Baja Wine Route and where most wineries, restaurants, hotels, and places of interest are located.

And within Valle de Guadalupe, there is a greater concentration of winemakers in the town of El Porvenir. 


1- Guided Tours from Ensenada

2- Get to Valle de Guadalupe from San Diego or Tijuana by Car

The closest city to Valle de Guadalupe is Ensenada. However, Ensenada does not have an airport. The nearest airport is Tijuana, only 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Valle by car. Perhaps your next question is, is it safe to drive there? I have to tell you I am a very adventurous traveler. On top of that, I am Mexican. I have a Mexican driver’s license as a New York Driver’s License. Hence, I took my chances, and we drove. However, my advice will be to consider the odds and check the travel advisories recommended by the U.S. Department of State. Many people who live in the bordering states are familiar with Baja, California’s routes and driving circumstances. Perhaps if you are traveling from another part of the U.S., really be informed.

Advantages of guided tours

1. Traveling by yourself and Google Maps can be challenging. Hence, when you go on a guided tour, you travel with people who know the Valley perfectly. On top of that, you have preferable wine tasting slots at some wineries. See my next point.

2. To visit specific wineries, it is only possible to do so if you travel in a group. I find this very odd, but Mexico is my country, I love it, but it continues to have a preferable treatment to specific groups. Hence, if you walk on foot by yourself into some of these wineries, they might not even be able to serve you.

3. Can’t prevent a change of schedule on the wineries. Some of the wineries were closed due to schedule issues or closed events, which only guided tours know for sure. Unfortunately, Google Maps is not updated with these closures often unless the winery is on top of their business profile, which I find is not the case yet.

Many guided tours can adjust to your budget. Some guided tours only leave from Ensenada, so check the location departure and accommodations.

Advantages of traveling on your own

1. Hit the Road! A road trip from Tijuana to Ensenada can be like a dream. The view on the road is scenic and spectacular, and you can stop as long as you want. Before arriving in Ensenada, you will pass through Rosarito and its beaches. Locals will recommend you stop at Puerto Nuevo to try some fresh lobster, and my advice will be to do it!

2. You own the road; contrary to what you might think, renting a car at the Tijuana airport and venturing to the Valley on your own is cheaper and easier than you think. You can put together your route and stop at the vineyard that catches your attention along the way. Some are not widely publicized but look spectacular.

Tips for crossing the border and getting into VDG

Suppose you are crossing the border from the U.S. to Mexico through the El Chaparral Port of Entry. Then, you will be out of the Mexican customs zone. Continue driving following the Rosarito-Ensenada signs.

You will arrive at Paseo de Los Héroes heading southeast. Passing the Independencia roundabout (characterized by its tall, pointed shapes) takes the right lane onto Paseo de Los Héroes. One block before the Cuauhtémoc roundabout will indicate a green sign. Ensenada.

Once right there, turn right. On Calle Antonio Caso, you will be the birth of Transpeninsular Highway 1. You will cross the Agua Caliente Boulevard, pass by some hotels, and find an avenue with a particular slope and very busy. Continue driving for half an hour. Finally, you will arrive at the Rosarito toll booth and, after another hour, at San Miguel, the last toll booth on Carretera Escénica 1. Continue in the same direction south, and after 3 minutes, you will come to a bridge that crosses the road.

Look for the signs “Ruta del Vino, Valle de Guadalupe, or Tecate” so that you pass over that bridge and join Highway 3 heading northeast.

After about 12 kilometers you will be in San Antonio de las Minas.

The Wine Zone begins precisely there, extending for more than 70 kilometers to the north.

Walk the paths and trails that intertwine with Highway 3, mainly at the height of Valle de Guadalupe. You will come across beautiful landscapes dotted with vines and olive and orange trees. It can transport you to a Mediterranean place!

Guadalupe Valley Wineries

The wineries of el Valle de Guadalupe are located within the Wine Route, Municipality of Ensenada, Baja California.

The must-visit wineries in Valle de Guadalupe!

The entire Valley is incredible. It is impressive to see how the vine can give such good flavors coming from a practically arid and desert land, vineyards that by the sea provide life to Mexican wines of which we should feel very proud.

Producer of more than 90% of the wines made in Mexico, Valle de Guadalupe is an adventure and a discovery. Although “mainstream” is worth visiting, there are wine houses that you should add to your list of places to visit during the Mexican Wine Route.

Monte Xanic

It’s huge! It has a lake and a terrace to taste wines with an unbeatable view. They have premium labels worth trying. It is not necessary to go to the country’s tips to try their wines since Monte Xanic is a brand you can easily find throughout Mexico and the US East Coast. I love their Chennin Blanc.


LA CETTO is one of the most prestigious wineries in Valle de Guadalupe.

They make an outstanding Petite Syrah which has received eight medals and many other awards worldwide. On the other hand, Cabernet Sauvignon has won almost 20 international awards. His Reserva Privada, from Cabernet Sauvignon, has won 13 awards. And his Zinfandel 6 awards.

They produce an award-winning Bordeaux-style red wine called Terra. It has 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 10% Malbec and 10% Petite Verdot. This wine is made with select grapes grown under the strictest winemaking standards.

LA CETTO is the largest Nebbiolo producer in the world after Italy. The Nebbiolo L.A. Cetto has won 21 medals internationally. This wine is aged in French oak barrels for 14 months and then two years in the bottle.

My favorite in L.A. Cetto: is Nebbiolo Reserva Privada. I have had this Nebbiolo in New York and Mexico many times, it is widely available, and the recent vintages are ready to drink or hold. The vintage 2018 has an intense red color and a fruity, dry, and at the same time velvet flavor.

Another of its excellent red wines is the Merlot Don Luis. I am not often a lover of Merlot, but the vintages of Don Luis have silky tannins that keep me coming for more. 

With more than a thousand modest hectares and Italian origin, this vineyard is an empire in the Valle de Guadalupe. The territorial extension is beastly, and the production of wines is too, which means that we can find this label throughout Mexico at affordable prices. Very accessible. LA CETTO also produces more than 20 types of wine and excellent olive oil.

P.S. The wine tasting is free for those who order guided tours.

Adobe Guadalupe

This winery offers wine tasting, wine tours, accommodation with breakfast, and a shop.

The space is open to the public. The architecture is a mix of Roman and Hispanic. Is worth only walk through the space. However, customer service is a bit off. At no time did anyone bother to attend to us. They give preferable treat to guided tours arrivals.

On the contrary, you can find other great experiences and architecture, such as Monte Xanic, Las Nubes, El Cielo, and Bruma, with the most innovative architecture. I only wish I could’ve had more time.

More: http://www.adobeguadalupe.com. Phone: (646) 155-2094.

Adobe Guadalupe Winery

Bruma Vinicola

I haven’t visited yet, but I have admired her winemaker Lulu Martinez Ojeda for the longest. They have fantastic architecture from what I have seen in the lives that I have hosted with Lulu and Latinas Wine Club. Their approach to sustainability is very innovative.

More wineries:

  • Aboriginal Wine
    • (646) 174-6563
  • Saint Anthony of the Mines
  • Dawn Vineyards
    • Road to San José de la Zorra, El Porvenir
    • (646) 156-8013
  • Alximia Wine
    • (646) 127-1453
    • Road to the Tiger Km 3, Valle de Guadalupe
  • Baron Balche
    • (646) 688-1032
    • El Porvenir, Valley of Guadalupe
  • Bibayoff
    • (646) 176-1008
    • Pinto Bulls, Francisco Zarco
  • Bodegas de Santo Tomas
    • 646 155-3137
    • Carr Ensenada Tecate Km 94, San Antonio de las Minas
  • Bodegas F Rubio
    • La Liebre Alley Plot 70, El Porvenir
    • Directions: (646) 156-8046
  • Baron Balche
    • Wine Tasting by appointment only.
    • Phone: (646) 680-2704.
  • Mist
    • Tecate-Ensenada Highway, Parcel 74, Francisco Zarco
    • Info: (646) 194-8239
  • Magoni House
    • Carr El Sauzal-Tecate Km 83, Gpe Valley
    • Dial (646) 187-0483
  • Old House
    • Locted at Km 93 on Carretera Ensenada Tecate.
  • Caste of Wines
    • (664) 200-2357
    • Ejido El Porvenir, Valley of Guadalupe
  • Castle Ferrer Winery
    • 646 977-5518
    • Carr Ensenada-Tecate Km 86.3, Fco Zarco, Valle de Guadalupe
  • Cava Maciel
    • 646 161-8471, and 116-4635
    • Guadalupe Valley
  • Château Camou
    • 646 177-3303
  • Sun Known in El Porvenir
  • Clos of Three Cantos
    • 0155 8568-9240
      • Wine Route Km 89.5, Rancho Santa Lucía, San Antonio de las Minas four fours
    • Where: Free highway Tijuana-Ensenada Km 89, El Tigre
    • Phone: 174-6789
  • Decantos Vinicola
    • 646 688-1019
    • Rancho San Miguel, Fraction A, El Porvenir, Valle de Guadalupe
  • Dubacano wines
    • 646 155-2754
    • Main Street Francisco Zarco 180, Valle de Guadalupe
  • Emeve Wines
    • 646 688-1012
      • Plot 67, El Porvenir
  • Guadeloupe Encounter
    • Sauzal-Tecate Highway Km 75
    • Phone: 646 155-2775
  • Finca Altozano
    • Sauzal-Tecate Highway Km 83, Francisco Zarco
    • Info: 646 156-8045
  • Fratelli Pasini Winery
    • By appointment: (646) 155-3189
    • San Antonio de Las Minas
  • Hacienda La Lomita
    • (646) 151-6032, and 156-8466
  • Lafarga Vineyards
    • By appointment: (646) 151-0888
    • Carr Tecate Ensenada Km 78, Valle de Guadalupe
  • Wine Owl
    • 646 256-4437
    • Carr Ensenada Tecate Km 82.5, Valle de Guadalupe
  • Malagon Vineyards
    • (646) 155-2102
    • Street C 101, Fco Zarco, Valle de Guadalupe
  • Three women
    • Km 87 Carr Ensenada Tecate, Gpe Valley
    • (646) 171-5674
  • Three valleys
    • Address: Lerdo de Tejada corner with Ignacio Comonfort,
    • San Antonio de las Minas.
    • Call them at: (646) 178-8052.
    • Cell.: 646-112-2480.
  • Wine Vena Cava
    • 646 156-8053
    • Rancho San Marcos, Pinto Bulls, Fco Zarco
  • Vinisterra
    • Carr Ensenada Tecate Km 71
  • Frannes Vineyard
    • 646 155-2433
    • Neighborhood Road to Rancho Canada, Valle de Guadalupe
  • Liceaga Vineyard
    • Ensenada Tecate Highway Km 93
    • (646) 178-2922
  • Heron Vines
    • Tecate-Ensenada Highway Km 87
    • Directions: 175-8883
  • La Reyna Vineyards
    • Carr Ensenada Tecate Km 71
    • Reports: 151-9235
  • Xecue Winery
    • 646 175-3830
    • Carr Ensenada-Tecate Km 89.1, Valle de Guadalupe

What is the best time to travel to Valle de Guadalupe?

The harvest, which is when the grapes are harvested, takes place approximately between July and August so that the view will be spectacular. The vineyards are bright green with bunches of grapes ready to be harvested.

Traveling to the Valle de Guadalupe Wine Route is a delight if you are a wine lover, and if not, it is the perfect opportunity to get to know a world that will not go unnoticed. Mexican wine is of excellent quality, rich, and has a wide price range.


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