Wine and Cheese and Pairings must-try!

Go beyond the classic wine and Cheese Pairings and be adventurous. We have a couple of uncommon suggestions for you.

Creamy Bloomy Rind Cheeses not only goes with Champagne but also with light reds.

But if you still insist on a Sparkling wine to balance the creaminess, try it with Franciacorta, it’s half the price of Champagne.

Muenster with Burgundy is a classic match.

But have you ever tried it with Riesling or Gewuztraminer? I didn’t until recently, and surprised me how well they go toghether. The funkiness of Muenster is balanced with the fruity notes of the Riesling or Gewuztraminer. Without a doubt, a Wine and Cheese and Pairings must-try!

Manchego is usually paired with Tempranillo but tastes delicious also with Rhone Valley Blends.

I recently tried it with Sherry Fino Tio Pepe and it was also delicious. They say, what grow together, goes together.

Blue Cheeses and Sauternes is a match made in heaven.

The strong flavors of the Blue Cheese combined with the nuty and off-dry flavors of Sauternes will make you salivate and crave more and more.This is definetely a Wine and Cheese and Pairings must-try!

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