8 Gifts for a Mom that loves wine and jewelry

The editors and contributors of this blog love Wine and Jewelry. That’s not a secret. Many of us are mothers, and jewelry, like wine, is an expensive hobby to maintain. We have 8 gifts for a mom that loves wine and jewelry, just as WineDivaa. Our rule of thumb is to try them all or not write about them. We value personalized and unique gifts for an excentric yet classic Mom that loves Wine and Jewelry. Check them all!

1. Champagne Flutes

These beautiful Champagne Flutes are officially for a bride and groom, but we have been using them as my daily sparkling or Champagne Glass!! Life is too short to drink in ordinary glass, and we have received many compliments on these flutes. This elegant glassware will definitely be the perfect gift for a Wine Lover Mom.


2. Wine Tumbler, Wine Socks, all in one gift set

This beautiful set for a mommy that loves her wine comes in an attractive Gift Box Packing. You do not need to repackage. Includes 1 x 12 oz Wine Tumbler, one Leakproof Lid, an absorbent coaster, and a Wine Bottle Stopper. That’s not all. Also, a Key Bottle Opener, Cupcake Wine Socks (Hide in the Tumbler for Surprise! The gift can make her heart warm and her feet) Reusable straw with a cleaning brush,1 x Pink Greeting card so you can write your blessings.


3. A stunning bottle of Prosecco Rosé

I will still give you more recommendations for Mother’s day in terms of Wine, but at this moment, I will have to recommend you the experience of Prosecco Rosé. This bottle is stunning because Bottega Gold Prosecco Rosé NV is light, crisp, and enjoyable.
The color shade of this bottle of Prosecco Rosé reminds me of Milano and Italian art. Moreover, Bottega is an excellent quality Italian Family Brand that hand review all its bottles to make sure they comply with the highest packaging standards. The Wine is delicious, and every mommy loves the bubbles. This is beyond the Wine because since the bottle is so pretty can be repurposed.


4. Personalized Jewelry: Tough as Mother

For a fashionista mom, give the gift of personalized jewelry. Tough as a Mother is a new brand everyone is talking about. Although they are relative newcomers to the stage, this mom-focused jewelry brand founded by Jennifer Cervantes has already garnered much celebrity attention. Tough as a Mother Tribe has been recognized by actor Griffin Matthews, actress Viola Davis, singer Andra Day, actress Blanca Blanco, and actress Celeste Thorson, to name a few!

Cervantes utilizes the power and meanings of gemstones and names to design the stylish and fashionable pieces that help support mamas (and daddies) on their parenting journey while acknowledging just how challenging being a parent can be. 


5.Unique Jewelry Collection: Female Alchemy Jewelry Collection, by KIL N.Y.C.

NY-based KIL N.Y.C. Jewelry Designer Konstantinos Leoussis partnered with Miami-based ceramicist Tatiana Cardona to launch the new Female Alchemy jewelry capsule collection. The collection features seven distinct designs which embrace feminine energy, an ode to the mouth, and lips.

Buy here

6.Rebus Pendants

Available in large and small oval, round and shield shapes, pendants can be hand-engraved directly on yellow, white or rose gold, or on gem-set center stones. Current gemstone availability includes bloodstone, carnelian, lapis lazuli, black onyx and sardonyx. Whether capturing the fingerprint of a child, initials, symbolism, or a custom message, the commissioning of a pendant is a one-of-a-kind gift, as unique as the mother one gifts it to.

To purchase pendants online, visit: https://rebussignetrings.com/pendants

7. Starlette Galleria

Unlike your typical jewelry, Starlette Galleria’s accessories are made of high-quality hypoallergenic metals. These are the quality materials that will never cause skin irritation. Moreover, they will not turn your skin green.

You will be surprised to see that simulated diamonds are often more sparkly and shimmery than real diamonds. Olivia, the founder of Starlette Galleria says, “They look so real that no one will tell the difference!”

Spice up things this fall with wine and jewelry. Get yourself or your loved one a ring like mine that you can carry anywhere you go by clicking this link.

8. Rosé or White? Maybe both!

Surprise your wine lover Mom with Spring Wines. A good Rosé from Italy or a White from Austria? Not your typical wine pick. A delicious and mineral Grillo. Find all the wine recommendation here.

8 Gifts for a Mom that loves Wines and Jewelry
8 Gifts for a Mom that loves Wines and Jewelry

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