opa κρασί! Greek Wines at Domaine Costa Lazaridi

The end of year is approaching and I have saved the best for the last.  A tale of my epic  visit to Domaine Costa Lazaridi during my Summer trip to Greece.

The first Greek Wine I tried  was from Costa Lazaridi

My first stop in Athens instead of being the Acropolis it was Costa Lazaridi Wine Museum. This Domaine is so special for me because the first Greek Wine I tried  was an Amethystos Blanc and the producer of this Assyritiko – Sauvingnon Blanc blend is  precisely Costa Lazaridi. That Amethystos Blanc I have paired it with delicious greek food and salads in the past. Is an acidic white wine with aromas of lemon, lime and salt. Read the complete review here.

Costa Lazaridi has been around since 1979. They have  been through changes but Costa Lazaridi remains loyal to providing a quality wine to their consumers. In 2011 they opened the Oenotria Land wine museum and according to their website ‘is the most comprehensive effort to present the history of winemaking in Greece’.

I didn’t have an appointment but they had great hospitality and they kindly accommodate me and my family. The Oenotria Land Wine Museum is open from 9 am to 5 pm so we played it safe and visited at 11 am. Was sad to see that there were no many visitors but hopefully Greek Wine Tourism will as fabulous as it is on the Greek Islands, it can rise in the Greek mainland, sooner rather than later. Please see some pictures of the Wine Museum for your enjoyment:

We had a great time and of course …

The Wine Museum visit was followed up by  a glorious Wine Tasting.

Costa Lazaridi

I am sure  the Greek god Baco was around all the time during the tasting jealous of the  wines that we tried. An exquisite Rose that is a crowd pleaser, the Sauvignon Blanc with Asirityko in US is known as Amethystos Blanc, the Chateau Julia and two Red Blends that I gladly purchased.  The first one, Oenotria Land 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon and Agiorgitiko a bold bled and the Greek way to do a Cabernet Sauvignon. The second one, Oenotria Land 2015 Syrah and Agiorgitiko.

These wines have aging potential so I am saving it onto my cellar for the next 10 years.


One of the remarks of their wine-making is blending  Bordeaux  grapes with Greek autochtonous grapes. Wine done alla greek mode with bold character and historical as Greece itself.

Where can you get these Greek wines in US

Costa Lazaridi wines are pretty much available in the whole US. Please review this link to find where they are available close to you, only customize your state to find it near to you.

For my fellow New Yorkers, visit Astoria, Queens -the  largest greek  neighboorhood in the US-. Visit the stores I have listed here, or visit any of the greek restaurants near Ditmars Ave. –also listed here to enjoy the whole greek  wine and food experience.


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