Where to find Greek Wines in Astoria, New York?

Astoria is a diverse neighborhood with mostly European immigrant population. Particularly, the Greek population growed exponentially in the 1970s in the neighborhood, bringing a lot of Greek Dinners and Restaurants into Queens. Nowadays, with the economical crisis in Greece is propelling the immigration of Greeks into Astoria. The residents of this area we can not be more grateful as they bring their traditions, cuisine and of course their delicious wines with them. Hence,  Astoria is  the neighborhood where you can get a vast majority of Greek Wines.

Ditmars Ave. and 23rd Ave in the Ditmars area section of Astoria has many of the best greek restaurants I have tried ever. You can get Domaine Costa Lazaridis Wines and Estate Hatzimichalis as well as other greek producers as they are often listed on the menus. See my recommendation list below:

If you only want to purchase greek wine see below some of the liquor stores that have Domaine Costa Lazaridis Wines, Estate Hatzimichalis and wines from Santorini:

Where to find Greek Wines in Astoria, New York


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