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For wine lovers, it is very important to know the basic terms about wine. Once you know these basic wine terms, you will be able to understand more everything related to this incredible world of wine and, of course, learn more day by day. I am sharing with you fifteen wine terms widely used by experts that will be of great help to delve into this topic and understand about aromas, colors, textures, flavors and other characteristics of wine.

  1. Fruity: Wine with a pleasant fruit smell. Indicates a good grape, well matured.
  2. Aroma: Set of olfactory values of wine. The primary aroma comes from the vine and the secondary and tertiary ones from fermentation and aging.
  3. Aging: Wine with a long stay in barrels or bottles.
  4. Barrel: Oak wood container used for aging wine
  5. Body: Referred to sight, it is a dense, glyceric, oleic and generally covered (opaque). As for the flavor, it is a wine with strength and pronounced taste values.
  6. Sparkling: Wine with carbon dioxide from the fermentation itself.
  7. Light: Wine with little alcohol and extract (density).
  8. Heavy: It is a wine with too much body and / or alcohol.
  9. Chopped: Vinegar or excess acetic acid. Defective.
  10. Rounded: Harmonious, balanced and aromatic wine, it is a well-bred wine.
  11. Dry: With little residual sugar, which is not appreciated in the tasting.
  12. Tannic: Astringent wine due to excess tannins.
  13. Tannin: Natural chemical substance in wine, with astringent action and tanning agent that comes from the solid parts of the bunch (stems).
  14. Earthy: Wine with earthy flavor, a defect caused by poor filtration.
  15. Varietal: Wine made from a single grape variety

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Wine Divaa Wine Terms
Wine Divaa Wine Terms

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